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How to turn off notifications when playing on Android

In this tutorial you learn how to turn off notifications when playing on Android. This way you will no longer be bothered by call and message notifications.

Undoubtedly, smartphones these days have partially replaced portable game consoles. Most of us prefer to play games on the platform Android because it is easy to use and affordable. That's why many of the games that were exclusive to game consoles are now also available on smartphones.

However, notifications are one of the biggest probugs that can ruin your gaming experience on your phone. Imagine a notification blocking your view while you're busy fighting enemies in a game like PUBG or Call Of Duty Mobile.

How to turn off notifications when playing on Android
How to turn off notifications when playing on Android

Most smartphones anyway Android they come with a built-in game mode that allows you to block notifications and calls while playing. If not, you can follow the methods below to disable notifications while gaming on the platform Android.

How to turn off notifications when playing on Android

Well, if you don't want to use external apps or tweaks, using mod Do Not Disturb (DND) built-in is the easiest way to turn off notifications while playing. On the other hand, you can also use automation applications such as Tasker to automate the settings, but let's not complicate things.

1. Open “Settings” on your device Android.

2. Navigate to “Sounds” then look for the option “Do Not Disturb" (Not disturb).

3. Choose from the available modes for "Do Not Disturb" mode and activate it. For example, to receive notifications only from certain important contacts, select the option “Allow priority interruptions only". Or, in order not to be disturbed at all, you can select the option "Don’t interrupt".

DND in Games on Android
DND in Games on Android

This way you turn off notifications when you play on Android. Calls and notifications will be interrupted, and your device will vibrate or show pop-up notifications only for priority notifications (if this option is enabled). However, you can activate DND directly from the quick settings of the notification panel during the game.

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