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How to disable automatic updating of applications in Android

By default, applications Android Installed Google Play Store are set to automatically update whenever the mobile device is connected to Internet. If you prefer to review permissions applications before they update (in many cases changes the permissions applications they receive updates us) or do not want to use applications mobile data connection to update (to avoid high costs billing), you can either choose the disable automatic updating them, or to set the applications of Play Store it automatically update only when the device Android is connected to a WiFi network.


How can disable automatic updating of applications installed from Android Play Store?

  • open application Play Store
  • in the top-left corner (or upper-right, depending on version Play Store used) give tap on menu icon


  • then select Settings


  • in settings Play Store give tap on the option Auto-update apps


  • Then, in the dialog displayed select Do not auto-update apps to disable automatic update of applications

disable-auto-update app

If you do not want to disable automatic updating of applications, but do not want them to update even when using mobile data connection, Select Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only (For older versions of Google Play StoreIt is possible that this option is not available).

Note: Those who prefer to manually update the Android applications can check the new updates have changed the original permissions from the Play Store applications under Developer section of each application separately.



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