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How do I copy photos and videos from MacBook / Mac to iPhone or iPad [via iTunes]

Compared to smartphones Android, where copy photos and videos from your Windows PC to your smartphone Is done through a trivial one copy / Easter, On the devices Apple, is a little more complicated. Copying photos and videos from Mac to iPhone or iPad can only be done via iTunes or another specific application.
It is true that we often need reverse replication. Copy the photos and fimules on your iPhone or iPad to a computer, but there are situations where we want to do the opposite.

How to copy photos from your MacBook / Mac (macOS) to your iPhone or iPad via iTunes

First of all we need to have one Cable lightning and to We connect the iPad or iPhone to your MacBook. Open iTunes And we do Device authorizationIf it has not been previously connected.

After it was successfully done Connection and sync between iPad / iPhone and iTunes, letting open the application and organizing a bit of files to be copied. We put in a folder all the photos that we want to copy. In our example, we created the "Fortuna Sports"the desktop.
In the next step, we return to the iTunes application, go to the left side of the "Photos"> check the "Sync Photos"> select the folder whose contents are to be copied to the iPhone or iPad> check the "Include videos". That's where we do not want to just copy the photos in the folder.

Click "Done" to begin copying / syncing.

At the end of the synchronization, the "Photos" on the iPad or iPhone will display the "Fortuna Sports" folder synchronized through iTunes.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the pictures and videos did not reach "Camera Roll", But in a folder with the same name as the synchronized folder. This means this folder Will not be deleted from the Photos app, Being considered a synchronized album. Deleting it will also be done through iTunes.

If you want to edit a picture in this folder, you must first duplicate it in the photo gallery of your iPhone or iPad.


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