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How to block apps from accessing the iPhone and iPad microphone - iOS Privacy

When we install and run it app on iOS, From everyday hurry we do not mind very much and we press "Allow"When asked if we allow access to a resource / functionality of iPhone or iPad.
Most applications require access to "Notification Center"Or"Push Notification". A function by which we can get notifications from the application from time to time.

There are also applications or games that besides Push Notification require access to other functions or information. For example, an application where we can take pictures, apart from the official one Apple (Camera) will ask for access to "Camera", Photo Gallery and Microphone, if it has the capability to Video recording.
It would not be a problem, but there are applications that running in the background Or store video recordings / audio si pictures On cloud servers other than the one used by Apple. iCloud. So, it's not sure when you open an application, the microphone does not record without knowing everything you say or ambient sounds nearby. The safest is to not allow access to the microphone than secure applications and we often use it.

How to restrict access to apps on your iPhone or iPad

As confidentiality settings, these are found in "Settings">"Privacy"

In "Privacy" we go to "Microphone," where we find a list of applications that have requested access to the iPhone or iPad microphone.

From the list of applications, we can drag the microphone on / off button for a specific application.

Once it's turned off, when we open the app, we'll be notified like this No longer has access to use the microphone And request us access from the settings.

"Open Settings"And choose if you want to give it access to your microphone application iPhone or iPad.


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