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How do you hide pictures and videos on iPhone or iPad - 2022 / 2023

When you are surrounded by people who are often curious to see what you have on your phone, the most important thing is to know how to hide pictures and videos on iPhone or iPad. Everything is very simple and you don't have to install a new application or set a special password.

Pictures and video taken with the camera iPhone or iPad are automatically saved in the application Photos. With iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, Apple introduced a feature by which some photos and videos can be hidden from users, in a separate photo gallery. In this gallery, access is based on biometric authentication. Make ID.

How do you hide pictures and videos on iPhone or iPad

iOS 16 / iPadOS 16 or a newer version is required to benefit from this feature. If you have iPhone si iPad on which you have turned on the synchronization iCloud for Photos, pictures hidden on one device will be automatically hidden on the other. The condition is that both devices are authenticated with the same one Apple ID.

1. Go on iPhone or iPad in Settings, then scroll to the application Photos.

2. In the application settings Photos activate the options: Use Face ID si Show Hidden Album.

How do you hide pictures and videos on iPhone or iPad
Show Hidden Album Settings

3. Select the picture or pictures you want to hide, then on the menu with the three dots at the top - right, choose the option Hidethen Hide Photo for confirmation.

Hide Photo iPhone
Hide Photo iPhone

After this step, the hidden pictures and videos will no longer be present in the photo galleries: Recents, Favorites, Moments or other visible ones.

To see the pictures and videos hidden on iPhone or iPad, open the Photos application, then scroll down to Album Hidden from under Utilities.

Here you need Face ID (or device password) to access hidden photos and videos.

Show Hidden Photos
Show Hidden Photos

As an additional measure of prooption, you can keep the hidden album secret by turning off the "Show Hidden Photos" option in the Photos application settings. The photos will remain in the "Hidden" album, but it will no longer be visible in the Photos application until you activate its visibility again.

This is the best trick on how to hide photos and videos on iPhone without having to install any application.

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