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Corephotonics shows the new Dual Camera

Corephotonics Israeli company is ready to change the way in which you take pictures with your smartphone and it will happen even in 2014. Technology this company has made waves at Mobile World Congress and it is not hard to see why.
This dual camera is produced by Qualcomm and Corephotonics. Using two cameras 13MP system called Computational Photography Zoom adds user performance and creativity.

dual chamber

This system offers an optical zoom up to 5 times quality from a digital zoom 3x. Dual cameras will provide a focus for high performance, improved AF speed, a new optical image stabilization engine and other functions that are intended to help achieve fotografiii as successful.
The company denied having anything to do with HTC M8, which will use a different technology, the dual cameras of HTC M8 with 2 and 4MP, respectively.


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