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According to some unofficial rumors, Apple will launch three iPhone models this year

For a long time, the representatives Apple said small screens 3,5 4 inch or inch are ideal, but the company was forced to admit in an ending that swims against the current and launched models with larger screens. According to an unofficial rumor, those who still prefer small screens should not despair, because they will not disappear from the portfolio Apple.

Last autumn, Apple not only updated or basic diagonal pattern iPhone a more popular 4,7 diagonal ", but the mobile segment and entered the giant 6 Plus model. While iPhone 6 targeted audience accustomed model 6 iPhone Plus was designed for the small but highly dynamic segment of mobile lovers large and, in particular, East Asia, where mobile diagonal reduced by 5 "neither too are disregarded.


Those who prefer, for whatever reason, a compact should not despair because it seems like Apple is preparing a new model with 4 display ″. At the moment, Apple it also sells only two phones with 4 screens ": iPhone 5C si iPhone 5S. According update program used before, iPhone 5C should go out of production since the autumn, while iPhone 5S will become the cheapest option and will survive until 2016. Starting next fall, users Apple will have to accept the inevitable change, but it seems that there is still hope.

According DigiTimes, Apple is now working on a 4 ″ screen phone, which will be called, at least until proven otherwise, iPhone 6C. Old iPhone 5C not received much appreciation when a relative or was compared with more attractive and equipped iPhone 5SBut the future iPhone 6C would have a better chance it will remain the only option Apple compact.

It is possible that iPhone 6C eliminate market iPhone 5S, Just as iPhone 5C removed iPhone 5. DigiTimes says also that the phone will be designed for the female audience, which suggests that it will not necessarily be thought to be a more affordable option, as it was in the case of iPhone 5CBut as one more compact. If it will use only the internal components of the model iPhone 5S or will take some of the novelties with iPhone 6Remains to be seen. Tim Cook He said the launch of larger phones was beneficial for Apple because it has made it easier to attract users Android which perhaps would have wanted a iPhoneBut were discouraged by the small screen diagonals.

With the enigmatic iPhone 6CIn the fall will be launched itself intelesele models iPhone 6S si iPhone 6S PlusThey will provide, according to recent rumors, technology Force Touch used to Apple Watch si MacBook and 2 GB of RAM. If the occurrence patterns 6S is a fact, iPhone 6C still remains, for the moment, uncertain.


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