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Clips, an iOS app that lets you work with block text or images

Most desktop operating systems have a memory clipboard limited, and this is true for software platforms phone or tablet. If this lack of PCs is partially compensated by how quickly work with keyboard and mouse, iOS does not have this possibility, and a application and special Clips offers a helping hand when you need to work with a larger number of blocks of text or images.


The application Clips is a clipboard manager for the iOS operating systemThis allows capturing multiple content blocks, and saving them in a manner easy insertion in the desired position. Along with visible improvement in capture option iOSWhich is limited to one item at a time, the application offers other useful features that add speed when the switch frequently between applications and handle multiple types of content simultaneously.

Clips can retrieve content from any program that includes standard copy function iOS or play a menu Activities extensions. In the first case, the user can copy text or images when the application offers this possibility, and in the second case, it is limited to how the application programmer thought the presentation and content.


Considering the source application, the user will hit some limitations, but this is true anyway and if using the native copy functions Platform Apple. The application intercepts successfully achieved with the combination screenshots Power - Home.

The application Clips remains resident in memory and intercepts all data copied. If you use iOS 8, The application offers a widget that will simplify the retrieval and use of information copied. Once in the clipboard of the application, the information can be viewed, and if the user knows that she will need frequently, can also be saved. When a saved information becomes unnecessary, it can be deleted.


Content copied and stored in memory Clips can be taken in different ways. Depending on the type, the user can retrieve only text, text with original Web address, text book or all together. Regarding the images, the only option available is simply the solder. All these actions can be performed within widget related by a simple touch of the application itself or with additional keyboard to be activated in advance.

If the user chooses to open piece of content copied into the application, it will have access to extra features, like opening in other applications, change text to lowercase or uppercase saving images in Camera Roll.


Clips it proved extremely useful when I wanted to merge text from multiple sources without resorting to a text editor or when I needed to insert the same information frequently in several files. Prothe shower is free and not polluted by advertising space, but if you want to store more than five items in memory clipboard or you want to synchronize information with another terminal iOS using the same account Apple, you will have to activate the option Pro against 1,99 €.

The application is available on App Store and is compatible with iPhone phones And with iPad tablets.


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