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Certificate Error - Express installation issue themes, games and applications

certificate Error is a problem that many owners give beatings head Mobile PhonesEspecially those who NOKIA. The error It occurs when we want to install themes, games or applications on mobile phones Java or Symbian.

Express error- certificate Error (Valid especially for mobile NOKIA E Series)

1. go to Menu -> Applications Manager

2. press Options

3. press Settings

4. set for software installation be All.

5. "Online certificate check"To be set off.


After you make these changes, homework and games will be installed without errors. This method has been tested on NOKIA E63 and failed.

Install Themes on NokiaCertificate Error Fix.


  1. I had already set and everything goes so N 95

  2. about the same for me ... so I set it and goes ... I n95 8gb

  3. Observations.
    1. The brief tutorial covers the installation of native Symbian applications.
    But even with these settings will not be installed for example an application created based on a dev. Certainly Publisher ID or even a certain (specific application vendors certified and approved for Symbian Symbian Foundation), if the application was generated for a specific IMEI.
    On the net run all kinds of applications "unsigned" (cracking software is illegal!) And because they can be installed in a mobile phone must be signed (Online or Offline) by Symbian Foundation.
    No signature, no application will be installed ever, even with the settings displayed on this page.
    Example: Trace FSpy our application will not be installed again on another phone than the one in IMEI's which was generated, even if the above settings are enabled. Our technology also allows the application can be moved from one phone to another, following proper uninstall.

    If you call requests for a tutorial for signing Symbian applications without a dev. certain. (Developer certificate) or a Publisher ID, please contact us.

    2. Not always install an application signed by a dev. certainly is safe for your phone. In the desire to install an app "free" (crack, exactly) expose phone and your budget a substantial risk.
    When the operating system of the phone will warn that it will install application that is not reliable or manufacturer can not be verified, it means that you accept the risks.

    Yes, signing applications is a part of the safety measures that we take them for developers to prevent theft and minimize losses.

    Have fun and stay legal.
    FSpy Labs team.

  4. Please .... if you tell me the exact steps for nokia e63?? empirically .... k fail

  5. Thank \: d / ..m 'you helped

  6. I got all nokia n95 and not go: (

  7. Helping Its not me .. i still have the same error problem .. plz rply me soon

  8. M`ai saved ... you're the super tare..merge ... I did exactly what you said ... going above and tested on Nokia e71

  9. I got a NOKIA e71 and saw that the e71 Darian go ... but the menu is different and how to get where you nustiu: -s

  10. I 6700 good nokia classic and not to instales themes and games mrge how to make it work?

  11. I have a good f 5800 XpressMusic and go, ms

  12. I have no idea where this stuff Applications Manager, Options, Settings, Software installation to be All.
    As I have in Romanian and do not know lam shoved and English tales and give me the same ... tell me please

  13. Hi I have a e71 and tried method and going great

  14. I installed a game on Nokia's 63 and do not know how I could open it ... can someone help me, please?

  15. mrb 95 8gb telofunuma format nokia att? ktan sonra programlar? indirmez sertifa hatas oldu? veriyor vetlf ayarlar? Yanli ?? oldugunu bel? rt? yor bu konuda yard? m alabilirm? y? m

  16. yah it ???? pls downloadable ajutatima.

  17. E71 brothers and I and it is a torment me a while to install that IRRemote :( phase and appears certificate: | you could give me a link where I can create a certificate something I can install applications please!

  18. pardon mais j j arrive Soucis have an installer des fichiers à step .jar ou sur jad Nokia N 95

  19. Howdy,
    I have a little problem with a E71, I downloaded a few applications and themes from Ovi Store, and at one point he could not install anything, anything I have tried displays the message "installation failed" after the download was ready . Does anyone happen? There seems to be lack of memory, both on the phone and the card has enough space. Thank you.

  20. Essay plate-forme d'installer in Java seulement 9,3 simbyan

  21. All that works but not so for free Signer That just downooad

  22. Please spuneti.mi and thousand steps for installing themes and games for e71 for not finding a manager and the rest of Aplication '

  23. I have a Nokia N8 ... and is totally different from d on Symbian Series E or N95, N97, n900 etc ... what should I do in this case?: | ..l symbian ^ 3 ...

  24. xlu, jai a nokia e75, et quand j'essaie certaines d'installer applications, on me dit "certificate seem limiter"
    je ne sais pas quoi faire votre aide j'attend. Merci

  25. ..l a e72 greeting and did not let me connect me to any messenger does not let me install yahoo messenger ... errors certificate or certificate unreliable ... the above settings I have said to you and I just made ... .

  26. Who can help me and greet me? ... .I a nokia e72 and can not install certain applications eg facebook and head out not I connect to any messenger ... .multumesc ...

  27. I worked at (6210 Nokia Navigator) ... will multumeeeeeesc so much: - *

  28. I worked at (nokia 6210) will multumeeeesc so much ...: - *

  29. hello, I have a nokia e71 and I have a little problem with it. whenever the card in his bag (or I open the phone) tells me install (do not know what installs) and after about 5 min says "you can not complete the installation card access applications manager memorie.ptr install applications"
    It can help myself and someone ??? plisss's pretty annoying thing.
    thank you

  30. Thank you, I was helpful instructions here!
    good luck!

  31. hello I have a nokia e72 and does not let me install helloox (certificate error) ... .I tried all rumors that go on the net I learned even need to create my own certificate and a key with a little program called hex comparison, including I did request for certificate and key in OPDA but begin to think more and more fake k is just great for making you expose your IMEI ... .If you know any method for functional hack my phone please help me .voi do donatii.ms greeting.

  32. Stephane Kouadio Koffi Güell

    Noka e5 et j'ai a mettre a jour je voudrais du logiciel them mais je telephone n'arrive step

  33. I C3 nokia, and I give erroare I really have to number in whaatsapp. Numarl write, I give and I give erroare OK. I can do, who knows? Could you tell me please!?

  34. I no longer go to n95 player !!!!
    Can you give some indications to me, what should I do, what trebuuie to install and how. thank you in advance!!!!!

  35. Thanks a lot, !!

  36. Hi.
    I want to buy nokia legal hangup n95 8gb slide.
    Does anyone know where ????
    I tried to install free versions on the net and do not go .apare certificate error message.
    thank you in advance.

  37. salz ,,, who knows how to make a nokia e63 go ,, do not go mad with certificates nik na ,, ,, it's busesc

  38. slt j'ai chaque fois a nokia 5530 of telecharge je les certificats apps to m'ècrit ereur the egg expires Telephone quelq'un of bne fois peut m'aidèr?

  39. I have a nokia 6700 classic and can not I install WhatsApp can not work on this model?

  40. WhatsApp application can be installed only on models with Android, iOS, Symbian S40, Blackberry or Windows Phone. Your model does not fit into any of them. Sorry.

  41. I have a problem ... .. I installed the official website facebook (facebook) and lam ... installed on the memory card. I removed the card and then I found no facebook`ul nor to encode not let me install it .... what can I do ? : -? (I have a nokia E75) .... MS.

  42. It may be pulled open and the card application to be an error. We recommend you remove the application if it is installed on the card or to uninstall the Phone Manager application and resume the installation (it is recommended to install in phone memory). The problem is that Nokia has stopped support service for Symbian S60 harder and find information about applications for Symbian. Try to download the link: http://getsisapp.blogspot.ro/2012/03/facebook-for-symbian-s60v5v3.html
    Good luck.

  43. Good ... please say me and set me steps for certificates for a nokia c3 (I install my messenger and I ask that certificate ... please !! more

  44. Hi, I have the same problem. Recently I removed the card and after I could not find the application (Skype) and now can not get on the site (Ovi) and install one because no certificate. and when I try to install asks me if I want to replace it with the version I already have. The problem is that I do not find Skype at all! Not to files installed anywhere .. Can someone help me??

  45. "Corina says:
    June 13, 2013 at 3: 08 pm
    Hi, I have the same problem. Recently I removed the card and after I could not find the application (Skype) and now can not get on the site (Ovi) and install one because no certificate. and when I try to install asks me if I want to replace it with the version I already have. The problem is that I do not find Skype at all! Not to files installed anywhere .. Can someone help me?? "

    Searching the internet reset the phone code (code hidden menu) to save all data on the card and all the external memory of the phone and then enter the code .... will take a few seconds will reset the phone ... then it's like new ..... and you can reinstall any ... at least in my case it worked. Bafta.

  46. I have a motorola wx306 was coded on vodafone and I unlocked the orange and decoded kand I can not install facebook aplikatia of ke Kauz is?

  47. Hi I have a nokia e63 and I do not get games. Jar. Jade only. Sisx sis and I went and I move forward. Jar. JAAD but now nustiu why I no longer go figure instal and stops halfway and so I remain can you help thanks

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