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What is it and how we use Wallet app for Apple Pay - MasterCard and Visa in Virtual wallet

application Wallet is a virtual walletAnd was launched Apple with OS iOS 8. It's not even a novelty for iPhone or iPad users. Wallet is a redesign and development of the old app passbook a Apple.
You can use this application, you must have a iPhone 6, 6 Plus iPhone, iPhone 6S, iPhone, iPod Touch or a newer version with a new iOS version of iOS 8.
installed by default On systems iOS on the iPhone and iPad Wallet is the application in which the user can keep in one place credit cards (Show, MasterCard), Debit card (Show, MasterCard, MIMG_0581aestro), salary card, plane tickets or movies, coupons si discount cards various shops. Everything that has a card in your wallet sizes, accepted and Wallet app for iPhone and iPad.

All card and scanned card data entered into your Wallet app will be stored in a secure, secure location (virtually impossible to access if you lose or are stolen from the iPhone). The user will have access to this data and can make purchases from the Wallet app by just touching the iPhone or iPad screen, using iCloud password or touch ID.

Before being functional in Wallet application should add tickets, vouchers and bank cards, and to fulfill several conditions.

How can we add bank cards, tickets, tickets cnema discount coupons or promotions cards Wallet application

We have several methods available. The first is to add directly by opening the Wallet app and entering your ticket or card codes. With all data indetificareTo be valid.
These cards can be added and the the other aplicxatii accepting WalletDirectly from Mail or Inbox, Transfer cards or tickets via AirDropby barcode scanning on tickets or by adding manual on Mac OS X for Mac users.

add-to-apple-wallet logo

In general, all tickets, gift vouchers or discount cards that accept Wallet, have the option of adding in their application. If this option does not exist, contact the card issuer that, to ensure that they accept payments or the introduction of vouchers in Wallet application.

iphone6-ios9-apple-purchase-pay-pay-touch-idWhere and how we can use virtual wallet Wallet

Wallet uses location services. So if you are in airport and you airfare added WalletOn the iPhone screen to receive a notification to open the application airfare and do check-in by simply scanning.
If this information does not appear, make sure location services are active (Location Services), as the notifications Lock Screen Wallet are active application or trader accept this application.
If you have a debit card, Credit card or shopping card, which works with Pay Apple, Open the Wallet pressing twice quickly pe iPhone's main button. Scan the barcode or QR code and payment will be made automatically from one of Added bank cards for in your application. You can set a default card Which to use it to shop with Wallet application or you can choose any card application added.

All you can do with Wallet and online shopping in virtual stores that accept payments via Apple Pay or Wallet.
It can shop and in applications that mention "Buy with Apple Pay"

Which debit cards, credit cards or shopping cards are accepted in Apple Pay / Wallet.

There is a small number of banks that accept payments via Apple Pay si adding CarduIMG_1622countries in the Wallet application. From Romania, for example, there is no bank to accept this service. If you are scanning a Wallet card to add it, you will be welcomed by the message: Yet Issuer Does Not Offer Your Support for This Card.

That means you must have a card from United States, UK (UK) Australia, Canada, Singapore or China. Since these countries are adding banks that accept and use cards in Apple Pay. The list of banks that accept is updated frequently and new banks and new states are always added. It is very likely that Romania will soon appear in this list. https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT204916 Here is the complete list of banks in each country that accepts Pay Apple.


  1. Hello. How do I use the Wallet app? when I open the application I get two "Scan a code" messages and "Find the application for. Wallet "and give me a list of 12 apps if I give" Find my app for Wallet "Thank you

  2. You must first have an accepted card in the wallet application. The ones in Romania and many countries in Europe are not supported by Apple.
    Details about the configuration you find here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204003

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