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BitTorrent Sync application week for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Presented for the first time about two years ago, synchronization and file transfer solution, BitTorrent Sync 2.0 reached the final stage in early March and is an interesting alternative to traditional cloud services because it has a private and decentralized nature. Service BitTorrent Sync but has some flaws which prevents him from competing directly with the usual Drive, dropbox or OneDriveAlthough this may be a useful alternative in certain times or conditions.

Unlike casual storage solutions and cloud synchronization, which is of a centralized, BitTorrent Sync proposed the idea of ​​peer-to-peer synchronization between mobile devices and PCs using the famous protocol BitTorrent. Although not shown, applications BitTorrent Sync works like any other client BitTorrentAnd behind them lies a complex swarm based on DHT si peer exchangeWho is able to work autonomously even when clients do not have access to InternetBut only to a local network.


Thus, BitTorrent Sync get rid of the limitations of available online space and the availability of the servers they use, but has the disadvantage of requiring the online presence of at least one customer who stores all the data we need at that time. This will not be a problem for more geeky users who have a server or home a NAS always active, but regular users will find that BitTorrent Sync can not satisfy all claims. Instead revanseaza service is very high transfer rates in local connections and a complete privacy, integrity and encryption provided by intermediate nodes lack. BitTorrent Sync application It is available on mobile platforms Android, iOS si Windows Phone Number, Desktop operating systems Windows, OS X, Linux si FreeBSD and has created some special versions of the NAS equipment Western Digital, QNAP, Netgear, Seagate, Synology, Drobo, Asustor si Snap Server. So not much to reproach them of the BitTorrent Inc, their service is present on virtually all software platforms , which is important.

Most likely the user will use for the first time BitTorrent Sync personal computer. After the application has been installed, BitTorrent Sync will require the creation of an identity, but it does not require registration and / or verification, but only simple identifier. After performing this step, the user can select the folder or folders you want to share, and is ready to move to the next step: synchronization with other terminals.

Because BitTorrent Sync does not use user accounts on the new terminal identity validation is done by reading a QR cod from a PC or other terminal either by introducing an alphanumeric code over from there. Since the connection between the two systems is done, the user can see shared folders can enable synchronization and local directories can download desired. These steps are repeated for each phone or tablet to be integrated with the user's account. Shared folders can be created on mobile phones, but this option is limited by the nature of the platform. An phone Android can share local directories, but terminals Windows Phone or iOS I can only add files or subdirectories in existing directories. All three platforms can activate the backup option captured image, and these special folders will be treated like the other and can be synchronized between the remaining PCs and phones.

Once the user has integrated all PCs, phones and tablets desired, it will be able to choose which folders at will be shared and which terminal BitTorrent Sync making it a powerful tool for synchronization. For each synchronized folder on your phone, the user can inspect the list of peers can enable or disable automatic synchronization of local can pause transfers and sharing can quit altogether. BitTorrent Sync But it is not only a useful tool for synchronizing personal data, but also a means for sending files to other users of the system. Therefore, the activation of a foreign phone will do everything with a QR code, if the partner is near us, or via a link sent via email or any other means of communication. If until now we have not talked about access rights because we were the only visitors, this time should be a little more careful.

Owners of a director can choose if they want to offer free access or read-only, also can choose the number of days allowed and limit the number of downloads. Once access has been enabled shared folders are a way for users to exchange files in a fast and smooth. Normally, applications BitTorrent Sync for phones or tablets used to transfer only Wi-Fi connections, but users can manually enable the option exchange files using data connections.

Interestingly, BitTorrent Sync is not dependent on an Internet connection, a simple local network is sufficient. Users can enjoy easy file transfer even if their handy mobile operating systems and an ordinary Wi-Fi network, possibly made on the spot with function hotspot.

As I said above, BitTorrent Sync is not a substitute for such cloud services Drive, dropbox or OneDriveAlthough it is an interesting alternative that might prove, in some cases faster, more comfortable and safer.

BitTorrent Sync application is a free product available on platforms Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, OS X, Linux, FreeBSD some NAS. The platform offers a subscription Pro, it offers unlimited access to shared folders, sync individual files option and change access rights after the share.

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