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Asus Transformers Book Trio - a hybrid tablet-laptop with Windows 8 and Android

ASUS It came with another surprise market Transformer Book TrioWhich is a topologically invariant tablet keyboard that can run docabila Windows si Android.

ASUS Transformer Book-Trio_3If you wonder how you 2 systems work, well there is a physical button, allowing you to switch between the 2 operating systems, similar to the one on Transformer AIOWhich was announced last year. Android Jelly Bean. ”> It is important to note, however, that the key combination will only work if you have the tablet fixed in the docking keyboard, once you disconnect the tablet it will only run with Android Jelly Bean.

ASUS Transformer Book-Trio_4ASUS Transformer Book Trio It has a screen 11,6 inches 1080p. For the 2 operating systems, double operation is required so that there are 2 produal scissors for the docking keyboard with the fourth generation of proCore scissors i7-4500U running for Windows 8 and a chip Intel Atom Z2580 de 2GHz for Android Jelly Bean.

With dual OS also means more batteries: the package includes a cell 33WhAnd one of 19Wh. In terms of storage space, we have a HDD the 1TB Inside the dock, and 64 GB flash storage inside the tablet.

Asus Transformer Book-TrioIf you are finding out a price for this device, ASUS not yet announced one, and Trio it seems to be programat for launch in autumn.



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