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Applications installed from outside the App Store on iPhone [EU Law]

A new law proput by the European Commission could bring important changes on iOS si iPadOS. Applications installed from outside the App Store on iPhone and on iPad, would be a major change for operating systems iOS si iPadOS developed by Apple.

European Union will adopt Digital Markets Act, which by its provisions will force the American company Apple to accept the installation of applications on iPhone and on iPad and from other sources outside the App Store.

Digital Markets Act (DMA) was proset in the middle of December 2020, and these days it has become more concrete a stage until the final adoption. Of course, the law does not explicitly refer to the company Apple, but it will be forced to align with European legislation for proshowers sold in the EEA (European Economic Area).

Applications installed from outside the App Store on iPhone [EU Law]
Timeline for DMA

As a small summary, currently iPhone are considered the most secure mobile phones against computer attacks. The security guarantee is given primarily by the restrictions present on iOS si iPadOS. The user can only install applications and games from the App Store. The application and games store of Apple, where the developers are carefully checked and have to follow a lot of rules that target prouser interface.

What are the provisions of the DMA - The law that will force Apple to allow applications installed from outside the App Store on iPhone

It is about an antitrust law that obliges the gatekeepers, i.e. the big controllers of online platforms for applications and games (Google, Apple, Microsoft) to allow the installation of software applications from third-party sources.

The new DMA law also provides that users can install applications from other platforms, than those of gatekeeper. In other words, on iOS it is possible that in addition to the App Store (by Apple) to see Google Play, Microsoft Store and other game and application platforms.

Another provision of the Digital Markets Act will oblige the gatekeepers to leave users the freedom to choose which platform for installing applications and games they want to use. They won't be able to set that as the default proprie As a small parenthesis, this provision is also applied to Windows, Mac, where users have the freedom to choose which Internet Browser they want to use by default.

The Digital Markets Act still leaves the gatekeepers the freedom to remove platforms and applications that are considered potential risk factors for the security of user data, which can lead to profunctional problems of the hardware components or the operating system.

So it is very possible that users Apple to be continued prosharpen Apple has a true doctrine for security and confidentiality, and the company will be able to block malicious applications on iOS si iPadOS.

As of now, the DMA laws must go through three stages, followed by a fourth stage when it will practically come into effect, in March 2024.

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