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Apple Watch, a long awaited release by smart watch lovers

Unveiled in early September last year, Apple Watch It took another six months to complete aspects hardware and ecosystem development software costs.. If we take into account the rather impressive success that the market has registered prothread so far, this delay may not cost you on Apple too much.


After the information in the fall, Apple Watch comes in three basic versions. The most affordable model is Sports Watch, using a housing made of aluminum (available in silver or gray), a back cover made of material composite, a glass promineral tector and colored bracelets made of synthetic rubber. The main model is called Watch and it jumps to a case made of stainless steel (available in silver or black color variants), glass prosapphire tector, ceramic back and leather, steel or synthetic rubber straps. The luxury model Watch Edition is similar to the main model WatchOnly that he step aside in favor of gold 18K steel.

Surprisingly, Apple not used a traditional alloy with silver or copper filled. The company has opted to combine gold with a mixture of tungsten carbide, silicon and boron, nitrogen, aluminum, boron and titanium, diamond and sapphire and ceramic powders, this mixture holding a high hardness and low density. Case is offered in traditional gold or pink color. All watches are available in versions 38 42 or millimeters, depending on user preferences and Apple offers eighteen different kinds of bracelets. Carcasses are resistant to sweat or rain, but not tight and not IP certification. Along with these details, all three different versions Apple Watch they contain the same components. The watches use a procesor Apple S1, Which we do not know much, 512 4 MB of RAM and GB of internal memory. Apple Watch has revealed that a maximum deviation of +/- 50ms daily, precision is remarkable even when we compare it with a quartz mechanism in the upper range.


Apple Watch provides us with NFC interfaces, Bluetooth 4.0 802.11 and Wi-Fi b / g / n, pulse sensor able to use both the infrared and visible spectrum, barometer, microphone, speaker, electromagnetic vibration system that can be customized, gyroscope, accelerometer and a wireless charger Magnetic clamping similar MagSafe. Unfortunately, rumors claimed that Watch will not include more advanced sensors have proven to be true, prothe shower Apple thus quite trivial in this regard.

Apple Watch uses a 272 x 340 pixel resolution display for 38 millimeters or 312 x 390 pixels in the case of the 42 version of millimeters. The company did not give much technical details, but it seems we're dealing with a billboard P-OLED, Manufactured by LG. The screen will be active all the time, but will offer a preview mode called Glances which will change color to show and battery status. Its tactile surface is sensitive to pressure and has the ability to distinguish between a touch and a click, and the interaction is complemented by a digital remontoar that mimic small key fell a traditional clock and a button to quickly access the contact list .

The clock can only connect to terminals Apple iPhone 5 and new and will provide a consistent extension notification system will allow also taking or initiating phone calls will integrate Crab, Health si Apple PayShall be compatible with the Handoff from iOS 8 or OS X 10.10 and will play additional functions for control Apple TVTo control the camera iPhone and real time transmission of certain types of data, such as a drawing or pulse rate. Among iOS applications who will benefit from extensions Watch include Mail, Maps, Calendar, Reminders, Clock, passbook, Music, Weather. Apple Watch will use both Bluetooth connectivity, and the Wi-Fi, thus providing a wide range of action where we have around a wireless network known.


Apple Watch is prodesigned to work offline, but its functions will be limited to indicating the time, playing music from internal memory and recording fitness activities. An attractive little technological trick is to disable notification functions when Watch is removed by hand, this mode saves energy when the user does not clearly require notification on the clock. Integration with iOS is implemented since version 8.2, developers can extend the information in iOS applications and desktop applications dedicated to Watch or can write to it. At launch, Apple ESPN submitted applications, Facebook, Instagram, CNN, Uber or Shazam and will be more extensive list.


Tim Cook initially said that it will provide 24 hours of freedom, but further stated that rumors Apple met with difficulties. It seems that Apple Watch will provide really only 18 hours of battery duration is theoretically sufficient to cover a full day, but while remaining somewhat disappointing.

Apple Sports Watch prices will 349 dollars if millimeters and 38 399 version of dollars if 42 version millimeters. Apple Watch will be priced between USD 549 and 1049 respectively between 599 and 1099 dollars, prices vary depending on the chosen bracelet. The gold Watch Edition starts at 10.000 dollars and will be available in selected specialized shops. All three ranges Apple Watch will be available starting on April 24, but the list of countries in which it will be available not include Romania.


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