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Apple has launched the new iOS5 operating system

As announced at WWDC 2011, Apple launched new operating system iOS 5, Which is available to download via iTunes since yesterday. new iOS version It is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G / 4G And with 1 iPad / 2 and because upgradlue it be possible, the devices must run iTunes version, namely v10.5.


5 iOS comes with a lot of New Sites featureOf which we enumerate here new notification system improved (similar to the Android), Twitter integration (Possibility of logging on to Twitter directly from device settings) Upgrade Camera App si mail App (support S / MIMEAble to Check your or mean (flag) Posts) Newsstand (For reading newspapers and magazines online) the new version of Safari (Navigation tabs, Safari Reader si Reading List), The new application Reminders (To-do list) iMessage (the new mesajerie system) and Wi-Fi syncing (Ability to synchronize your device with iTunes / PC by Wi-Fi).


Another new and good news for users of compatible devices is iOS5 support that he has for software updates OTA (Over-The-Air), which means that OS updates They will not only be made via iTunes and users will be able to upgrade only what is required of it, not all operating system (ideal for users who do not have access to unlimited internet connection).


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