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Free application for HD Video and Audio Calls on iOS si Android – Google Duo

Many of the Google services are very little known by users in certain countries, although they are useful, good quality and free services. Here we could include Google Assistant, YouTube Kids, YouTube Gaming, Google Studio, Google Capture, etc.

Google Duo Is also a service / application that I have heard very little, despite the fact that it works very well and is free.
The Google Duo works in the same way as the application FaceTimeDeveloped by Apple And that we find installed by default on iPhone, iPad, iPod or MacBook. allow video calls de HD quality si voice calls, Using Google's user account / Gmail address. Everything in a very simple interface and without too many headaches. Simply tap on the contact we want to call video or audio and the conversation begins as soon as the partner answers. The condition of course is that the application is also installed on the device being called.
Google Duo calls are free, and if you have a Wi-Fi connection, 4G internet traffic will not be consumed. Be aware, however, that video calls consumes a lot of mobile data traffic. If you are on 4G / 3G be careful not to exceed the volume of traffic included in the subscription.

The Google Duo interface is very simple and intuitive. After installing the app, you will then log in to a Google Account Record your phone number. Something like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

In the contact list will appear at the top friends who have Google Duo installed and who can be called immediately. For the other contacts, the option “Invite".
At the top of your contacts list you can choose what type of call you want to initiate. Video Call or Voice Call.

Google Duo is a great alternative for the most discreet, not couching with applications Whatsapp si Facebook Messenger.

The application is available on both smartphones with Android and the iOS (iPad, iPhone)

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