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WhatsApp application is to be closed by Facebook

In early 2014, Facebook would buy application WhatsApp for the amount of 19 billion.
After purchasing WhatsApp, more and more features of the application were implemented in Facebook's Messenger application. Ability to send files (pictures si video), design elements and connecting telephone number the app Sync contacts.

Updateyesterday's Facebook for the Messenger application, makes us think that the recent rumors that predicted WhatsApp closure They are quite unfounded. Specifically, starting yesterday, those who want to use the Facebook Messenger are no longer forced to use or hold a Facebook account. It is enough registration phone number in the application.


You can now subscribe to Messenger without a Facebook account. All you need to start chatting is a phone number. 

It remains to be seen how long it will now be Facebook agreed to keep two applications that do the same thing.
It is however worth mentioning that a few months ago, WhatsApp received an update quite importantly, as a result of which users could perform Internet phone calls (VoIP). This feature has been retired but quit and Facebook application development.

This update is available both on iOS (iPhone) And the phones cu Android.

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