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Does the Facebook application close itself on the iPhone? How can we solve it?

Sometimes Facebook shuts down suddenly on iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or newer models ...

The devices iOS, iPhone  si iPad (iPadOS) are seen as very stable compared to Android. These are very rare cases remain locked, runs heavy or I do problems in applications. However, many users have Facebook application, they complain like this it closes suddenly when you are sailing on the profile page, on the news feed (timeline) or in groups.

Prothe blunder of the sudden closure of the Facebook application is especially found on iPhone 7, but there are users of iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR and XS who regularly have this annoying problem.

Why Facebook application unexpectedly shuts down on iPhone and iPad

The reasons can be many, and a log with errors to see the exact causes, does not exist on iOS.
But the causes can be intuitive. Many times, pages accessed from Facebook and external links are loaded with strange scripts that remain in Facebook application cache. These pieces of code can interact in some scenarios with the application and can lead to its sudden closure.
The Facebook application can also close when you are running on the timeline or newsfeed over one video that starts automatically and whose encoding is not understood by the application or iOS. An outdated version of the app or iOS may also be the cause of the sudden shutdown of Facebook on iPhone or iPad.

How do we make the Facebook application no longer shut down alone on iPhone or iPad

From this stressful problem you can get rid of it by trying several methods and following some simple steps.

1. First, check if you have the latest version of Facebook and the latest version of iOS or iPadOS compatible with your device. Go to the App Store app, click on the profile icon and drag down to see if there are updates available for the application.
Is the iOS update done from Settings? General ? Software Update.

If updates are to be made, then check if the application closes immediately.

2. Shut down the entire iPhone and leave it for at least 30 seconds before restarting it. And this operation can solve the problem.

3. Delete all Facebook application from iPhone and reinstall it. Once deleted, all caches of applications and other information stored by it on the device will be deleted. Most of the time, this was the solution to the sudden closing of the application.

Even if you do not have problems with iOS applications, it is highly recommended to keep them updated.


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