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Android P - Developer Preview 1 / A new screen rotation system in applications

Android P, promises significant changes both on the security and confidentiality of users, the graphical interface settings and quick settings, and in applications. Developers will be in touch with the new API Android P to develop more buttons in applications and add new features to users.

One of the minor but very useful features is the ability of the new Android P to rotate the screen in applications even if the basic function of automatic rotation is disabled.
Currently, the user can choose on all Android operating systems auto turn on or off for the entire system. This function can be activated and deactivated very quickly thanks to quick settings. In Android P, Google further simplify things.
A new button will be added to the application bar, with which the user can choose to rotate the screen in an application, whether or not this mode is enabled for the whole system. It will be a spin system independent of the one available in settings. We can keep the automatic rotate disabled for the entire system, but if we want to rotate the screen for an application that we have open, we can do so in Android P.

The new button will be available next to the other standard navigation buttons already in the current versions.


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