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Android Jelly Bean: Restart in Safe Mode phone

As in the case computers, to solve certain probleme in Android it is necessary to Boot into Safe Mode. In Safe modeThe device boots with proessentials and applications essential for the systemTo not load its memory. Although Device functionality is limitedAllows users to disable or to uninstall fast applications prostated problems.

Before Android Jelly BeanUsers were able to restart smartphones supplied in Safe Mode using certain key combinationsDifferent from phone to phone: little hard to find (rather by chance) or detained.

Starting with 4.1 Android Jelly BeanSafe Mode is much easier to access:

  • click the button Power your phone (varies for different devices)
  • When power menu is displayed on the display, hold down the option term Power off


  • it will display a dialog Reboot to safe mode which warns the user that is about to boot in Safe Mode and the implications of this; click on OK


  • wait for the phone to reboot; if booting in Safe Mode has been done successfully in the lower-left corner of the display will display text Safe Mode


After you have solved prophone problems, give a restart normal for the phone to boot normally again.


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