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AirPods - The new wireless headphones from Apple - Review & Prices

It is true that have just been launched just a few days, but I did not see any Online store in Romania to announce that they will bring in stock new wireless headphones, AirPods from Apple.


Presented since the event Launch of iPhone models 7, AirPods were launched at the end of October, with new MacBook Pro (Version touch Bar).

AirPods / Design and freedom of movement

First, it is worth mentioning that largely keeps unique design headphone wire, present in all boxes of the iPhone. Plug design that provides a very good ear headset, but we did not break from reality, allowing us want to hear outside noises. For me this is the first great advantage offered by this design. I hate the headphones that make me feel my ears clogged.

Most manufacturers of mobile phones, offers package in-ear headphones. For "a better sound experience." It is totally wrong. A sound at high volume is not necessarily the type of headphones you. In-ear (headphone plug) I do nothing but clog ears and listen to your own splash quietly. (Si) from this point of view, Apple They are ahead of the competition.

With AirPods, we get rid of the thread wearing under the clothes and the snapping of the iPhone when we hang it. .

On the reliability AirPods rely heavily on voice commands. Increase or decrease the volume, battery charge level check, demand dialing a number from the phonebook or indication of a route is through Siri. Simply tap twice on the headset to activate Siri, without removing iPhone from his pocket.

AirPods / Battery autonomy and smart features

With the launch of these casyour wireless, Apple enter and new chip dedicated to this type of devices. W1 image offers an efficient wireless connection for better communication and superior sound quality. A voice accelerometer recognizes when talking and collaborating with a pair of microphones with beamforming technology to filter out the external noise and focus on the sound of your voice. In addition, optical sensors si accelerometers for motion works with the W1 chip to automatically control audio signal and activate microphone, Giving you the ability to use a one helmet AirPods or both ears. Also, these headphones sound sensor activates as soon as they are placed in the ear, without the need to press any buttons. Basically these AirPods not use a button "on / off". Everything is done automatically based on collaboration with chip sensors W1.
W1 also manages battery life, which she supports up to 5 hours of listening to music. Maybe it seems to you a lot, but keep in mind the extremely small size of these other earphones.
Loading supporting housing for over 24 hours of operation. It is sufficient to load 15 minutes of headphones for 3 hours. To check the battery, all we have to do is put the headphones AirPods next iPhone.


AirPods / Sincronizare

Synchronizing new AirPods with the devices Apple it is flawless and devoid of any effort. These connects simultaneously on all devices Apple that you own. MacBook, Apple Watch, iPhone si iPad. In ear the sound reaches you are interested.


AirPods / PriceWebsites and Online Ordering

There are present in any online store in Romania, but is expected to occur soon offer Emag, PCGarage, Evomag. Altex, Flanco.
The price of AirPods headsets will be around 1000 lei. Pretty long, but for a fan Apple and a helmet addict, this amount is not a nonsense. In addition, the AirpPods package can represent one Christmas gift idea.


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