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Manage your Android phone from any Web Browser

When we have a data cable at hand or when Bluetooth lacking, the simplest solution to our manage device (Phone / tablet) cu Android with the help computer are management applications gene AirDroid.


AirDroid is, as I said just one place above a management application free for mobile operating system Android, With which users of OWe can-and manage your or tablet in equipment using any browser installed on your computer. I mean you can access / copy / move / delete photos, messages, contacts, media files (music and movies / videos) on your phone directly from Firefox, Safari or any other browser you prefer.


The only condition for this method to be valid is that Android device and computer must be connected via WiFi to the same network (Ie through the same router). And obviously must install AirDroid on phone (Or tablet).

After you install AirDroid on phone, open the application and click on Start. Then copy url si password displayed in a Web Browser (Password can be disabled in application settings).


AirDroid interface is very simple to use since it looks very much like interface of Windows.


Pe Web-desktop are displayed icons each of folders / applications / functions which can be accessed via AirDroid.

* Files
Transfer files between Android devices and computers.
Cut, copy, paste, search, rename or delete files on the SD card.

Read, send, forward or delete SMS messages.

* Applications
Install, uninstall, backup, search apps and do batch processing.

* Photos
Preview, delete, import, export, set as wallpaper and photos slide show from desktop.

* Clipboard

Share clipboard text between desktop and device.

* Contacts
Group, search, create contacts, check and delete call logs.

* Ringtones
Search, preview, import, export, delete and customize ringtones for phone calls, notifications and alarms.

* Music
Play, search, import, export, delete, or set as phone call, notification and alarm ringtones.


Other featureuri AirDroid:

  • displays device status is installed (real-time reports ROM, SD Card, Battery, CPU si RAM)
  • button cleaning / release memory
  • task manager (Stopping or uninstalling applications)
  • manager apps (Share uirea and checking on user data and system applications)

Download AirDroid (via Android Market)

Note: AirDroid is compatible with Android 2.1 and newer (not yet offer support for 4.0). It is recommended for use with Chrome, Firefox or Safari (Internet Explorer may freeze sometimes).

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