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Acer CloudMobile S500 a powerful Dual-Core smartphone will attract attention and affordable middle class customers

Those from Acer after they conquered notebook market, prepared and some smartphones Android with that immense attention on the furniture market. After series Liquid, Stream and series Acer Iconia tablets prepared new Acer ClodMobile S500 but only in February was launched in September 2012. The main attraction of this model is the 4,3 IPS HD display "with a 720 × 1280 resolution that has a 342ppi density that delivers incredible images. Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8260A is similar to the latest models from Sony and HTC and delivers enviable performance Dual-core processor 1.5 GHz Krait Adreno GPU assisted 225 module offers excellent conditions for running applications and games in high definition Google Play.

CloudMobile S500 runs 4.0 version Android Ice Cream Sandwich that can be upgraded to Jelly Bean v4.1 near future. In terms of connectivity the new Acer scores in all areas: NFCWi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.0, but does not support LTE currently increasing competition last appearances. Camera captures HD video 8MP ensure the menu is included YouTube HD Channel and as shown in the model name used CloudMobile cloud service and the Dolby Mobile audio quality sound when playing music. In Chapter autonomy gadget does not sit very well as most smartphones are not the last generation and more difficult to do a day of intensive use, but depending on the settings presonalizate one can earn a few extra hours.



  1. Hello,

    I question if it will hit the market in orange and then, because I can not wait until Christmas I can not wait to get it.

  2. Good evening,

    One last question!
    I question whether the new Acer CloudMobile go all games today.
    More specifically if it is good for gaming.

  3. The Orange is in demand but due to high demand and price / performance ratio, it is quite hard to find in stores. Maybe in December it will update stocks in relation to customer requests. Keep looking through the stores in your area. Bafta.

  4. Hello,

    I got the information that will appear in orange in the shop next week we're looking for, but I have question if you know the exact day.

    Thank you!

  5. Hello,

    I bought new Acer mobile cloud s500 some games that I am out of them right away.
    I question what the cause is and I have this rug? Mind tell me and me which is the best Android games.

    Thank you.

  6. Acer S500 Cloud Mobile is a smartphone that in some features is well above the top models of this period. ProYour blemish is a general game for Android operating system. Due to the large number of resolutions that Android runs game developers have serious problems in optimizing them for different resolutions. From here and some problems with some games.

  7. Hello,

    Thanks for the reply, but I question whether it can solve the problem by installing a new operating system or what not ...?

    Thank you.

  8. Acer CloudMobile S500 v4.0 running Android version as Ice Cream Sandwich and other devices will also receive updates by higher versions depending on manufacturer availability and popularity of the model. In Chapter gaming as we said in the previous reply gaming manufacturers will correct any mistakes along their run through the updates that will be released later. I have a problem with an application purchased from Google Play that crashes and subsequently received an update that corrected the error occurred. Good luck and Happy New Year continue in the new year. Team

  9. I asked if when he says the game is not compatible due to the individual and if it would be good for Android games v4.1.

    Thank you.

  10. Hello,

    If an application on Android Market says there is not going 100% compatible?
    I ask it because I'm thinking to buy a used which made the filelist not working.

    Thank you.

  11. On are paid Android applications that have been broken and can be installed on Android root-ate models (hacker-ite). My Recamandarea is to document (see the comment's on Google Play if others have had problems with the application that) and if you wish, to acquire. But you will find paid apps are not updated to date and contain Bugg's, but that will be corrected later.

  12. System update is an update that is designed to bring improvement software version installed on the phone and to address any errors discovered during use. Update is provided by the device manufacturer or software used in conjunction with the designer, performed on stage in the most important regions in which to market the product. As with any update that can be done OTA (On The Air) implies an additional cost if the subscription or PrePay option held (a) have not included Internet traffic or a wireless connection (faster and more stable). About any software update or a normal application user is informed by a message that the download traffic may need additional cost to the user.

  13. I have a question .. will occur when Jelly Bean for Acer S500. I got him for two months and are satisfied with his performance, I had no problems so far.

  14. Firmware updates are provided by the manufacturer according to strategies to address future models and model rewspectiv success.
    Example: Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 left the factory 2 years ago v2.3.6 Android Gingerbread. August 2012 received an update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0.3 and starting this month v4.1.2 can be upgraded to Jelly Bean. This happens rarely, but made an exception due to the large number of units sold and the high performance yet cope latest version of Android.

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