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ICloud Sync Contacts on Android Smartphone

Both Apple and also Google, offers online storage and synchronization services for contacts on the phonebook of smartphones. Apple offers this option through iCloud Contacts (To sync the device phone book sites iPhone), and Google via Google Contacts (For synchronization phone book on smartphones Android).

If you are the owner of a iPhone and will keep synchronized contacts in iCloud Contacts and you want to have on a smartphone Android, Then you should know that the application SmoothSync for Cloud ContactsWill allow synchronize contacts on iCloud on Google Android mobile phones. Synchronization is a two-way (Ie a change made on your Android smartphone will be made automatically and iCloud account.

SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts

Steps should I follow to sync iCloud Contacts Android.

1. First, download to install SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts on Google Play. (application costs approximately 3 Euro)

download SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts

2. After installing Android SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts, open the iCloud account and login.

Add iCloud Contacts

After adding iCloud account Contacts, you can start synchronizing your contacts on your Android phone. Any changes made on the iPhone, will be present on your Android smartphone.

WARNING! * 2.1 Android users or those who have smartphone Samsung, It requires an add-on (Workaround JB Cloud Contacts) To fix a bug operating system. Specifically, this add-on helps you not lose contacts after restarting the smartphone. If your device will need this add-on, you will receive a notification find download link for JB Workaround Cloud Contacts.

SmoothSync Features for Cloud Contacts:
* Two-way-sync
* Supports multiple accounts
* Automatic discovery account
* Syncs contact photos
* Customizable sync interval (default: 6h, local changes synced Will Be Almost Immediately)
* Support for custom labels
* Encrypts the password on the device
* New! One way sync group (iCloud to Android) (two-way-sync of groups Will Follow)
known Limitations:
- Will not get synced relations (yet)
- "Push" is not supported (yet)

AMTELEFON.COM - synchronizes contacts in iCloud Contacts on Android.

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