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STOP Sync or Remove Contacts from Android Google+ Google Contacts

Perhaps in an attempt to become a real competitor Facebook (Even mobile phones) Google a device placed on all sites with Android, application Google+. There would be no problem, but this app automatically syncs all your contacts Google+ and brings them to the directory (in Contacts). So it is that the night I woke up that some of my friends ... "have been duplicated." Contact appears twice in Contacts.

To prevent and / or solve this problem, the simplest method is to turn off calendar synchronization of contacts with Google+ app.

Stop syncing contacts with the address book Contacts Google+.

1. Open the Google+> Settings.

Google Plus - Settings

2. From the "Settings", go to the account name (in the Accounts Settings).

Google Plus - Accounts Settings

3. After their account settings "Contacts"

Google Plus - Contacts Settings

4. In "ContactsUncheck both options.

1. Keep contacts up to date - Basically this option brings contacts Google Plus in Android Contacts.

2. Improve suggestions.


After uncheck the two options, all the contacts from Google+ or disappear from Android Contacts. This helps prevent duplicate contacts and presence of contacts who have not noted any number.

amtelefon.comRemove Google Plus Contacts from Android Contacts.

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