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Set Default applications in Android

When you open a link to a web page or to a feed (RSS feed) most times it opens a pop-up window asks us what we want to open applications that link. If you use a specific application each time you open a web link for example, then we can set the application to open that that automatically, without having to be asked each time.

Here's how to set a default application on .

1. Apasm on "Settings"in Home Screen menu.


2. We and select "applications"


3. Select "Manage Applications".

Manage Android Apps

4. The Application can manage running applications and select the downloaded. For this tutorial we choose SENSE that defaults to close HTC.

HTC Sense

5. After going on the application, HTC Sense in our case will be opened for application details. You will need to click "Force Stop".

Stop HTC Sense Force

6. On the same screen will appear below the "Clear Defaults. "Click this button to Strega default programs list.


9. Now, when you open a file / stream news, I will ask what app you want to open. Select the application and check the default application. Use by default for this action.

use by default

This way you can set the default application to open a file for. If you have multiple music players mp3 installed and you want the files to be opened by a player without turning up window to be asked what player you want to use, you can use this method to set a default application to open the file immediately . mp3.


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  2. I have a HTC Sense phone and want to get to play on the site and it asks joci.ro disable pop up blocker how could I do this? can someone help me?

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