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[Safe Browsing] Google Chrome for Android will block Web pages virus

TechnologySafe Browsing introduced by Google in Google Chrome for PC is now available for mobile phones OS Google Android.
Safe Browsing It is a technology that scans in real time Web pages that are accessed from a mobile phone, thus taking away from the user web pages virus program of type malware si adware. In addition, Safe Browsing prevents accessing sites that are against good practices for Web browsing and those that have inappropriate content. Sites that have adult content advertisements and very open "profile" sites that urge violence or substrate consumption of harmful / dangerous.

If you surf the Internet using Google Chrome on smartphoneProbably were times when you were bombarded with ads, advertising si warnings which will inform your phone not running correctlyAs memory is loadedAs you one or more viruses or a Program phone battery blast. These are just some of misleading advertisements and commercials that will block Safe Browsing to.


Safe Browsing comes as application installed in the packageGoogle Play Services 8.1And can be used by any application that you develop support for this new service. Until now, Google Chrome Android It is the first browser that uses Safe Browsing.

At this point, we can say that Google Chrome is the best choice for mobile phone Internet browser. May offer more protection in terms of malware and adware infecting viruses on smartphones.

Though this technology has long been invented and used on PCs, Google has hesitated to implement it on Android due to the use of hardware resources (RAM and CPU) and the traffickers' mobile traffic restrictions in certain areas . In addition to hampering a small Android operating system, Safe Browsing also requires extra internet traffic when accessing web pages. However, Google has made the decision to place more emphasis on data security and Android than on the speed of loading a web page and optimizing internet traffic on 3G / 4G.

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