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HTC HD Mini reset - reset to default setting

Launched earlier this year, HD Mini is a copy in miniature smartphoneacquis HTC HD2.
In Romania, HTC HD Mini becoming increasingly popular among fans of smartphones and deviceATVs with . It is an ideal phone for both class business and for those who can not stay away from Internet no While away from the computer.
When we purchase a new phone, at least in the early days we start "button" to walk all settings and to test all kinds of programs si games for him. Often it happens as a result of incorrect settings or incompatible applications, to appear errors HTC HD Mini. To eliminate errors, it is best to return to factory settings. Master Reset / hard Reset or reset a softwareacquis.


Factory Reset HTC HD Mini Reset - HARD RESET HTC HD Mini.

Before reset the HTC HD Mini devices you need to save all your important data on it, including the agenda of phone numbers, emails, messages, SMS, calendar notes .... and so on During reset will lose all programs si games installed and your smartphone will return to default setting. Those we have at the moment achizionarii (if this phone had to buy original software). phone battery It must not be charged more than 50 - 60%.

Here are the steps to be followed for HTC HD Mini software reset :

1. With phone off, Press and hold the buttons Volume UP si volume Down on the device's left side, then short press on bunonul Power at the top. After this you will appear on the display a message saying that this operation will erase all data on the HTC HD Mini.

2. Dati go of the buttons volume UP & volume Down.

3. Press Volume UP to start Resettlement process softwareacquis basic telephone. To exit, press any key.

Taermina wait until the resettlement process of the software, then redo the settings required to initiate new operating system Windows Mobile.

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