Screen capture program for Windows Mobile (Screenshot Apps / Shake and Save - Download)


When I do a capture / a screenshot computer, we provide a number of very simple options. From "Print Screen"And"Pasta"A image editor (MS Paint, For example.), To Advanced which to capture automatically at specific time intervals or specific actions.

For / smartphoneSites operating system , One of the simplest solutions screenshot is Shake & Save.


Shake And Save captures images Phone, format . PNG, . JPEG, . BMP si . Gif.
Once installed and launched the app, you have only to check the format you wish to be Savli screenshotAnd press the Start. When you get to the screen and make Crau want to capture good phone vibrate and the image will be saved automatically phone memory.
It is an ideal application for those who want to do screenshots on your mobile.

Shake and Save (Windows Mobile Apps) Downloads: 2814 times

The application is developed for But we have successfully tested si .

- "Shake and Save"- Mobile Screen Capture Software.

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