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Microsoft My Phone for Windows Mobile 6 +

Microsoft My Phone pentru Windows Mobile 6+

My Phone is a complete solution to backup data from phone / smartphone. My Phone Service is offered free by Microsoft and free to all owners of mobile phones with Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7 able to keep data (Contacts, Calendar, SMS, Favorites, Documents, Pictures, Videos and Music) online on account

Download RSS Reader HUB (HTC Diamond, HTC HD Mini & Windows Mobile Devices Other)

Download HUB RSS Reader (HTC Diamond, HTC HD Mini & Other Windows Mobile Devices)

Appeared as s preinstalled on HTC Diamond devices, RSS has become a hub RSS Reader application owners want and other mobile phones with Windows Mobile. RSS reader is a client with a simple and intuitive graphical interface and the option provides everything that a customer offers rss reader

My Last Cigarette for Windows Mobile

My Last Cigarette pentru Windows Mobile

If you are one of many people trying to quit smoking and for various reasons or excuses continue to light cigarette after cigarette, try application "miracle" for Windows Mobile, My Last Cigarrtte. How My Last Cigarette can help you quit smoking? Your health monitoring their level of nicotine in the body

Resco Photo Manager for Windows Mobile

Resco Photo Manager pentru Windows Mobile

If you own a Windows Mobile phone and are looking for a mobile application for editing, managing and storing photo files, then Resco Photo Manager may be just what you need. Resco Photo Manager Features: * Application simple, easy to use (user-friendly) * Intuitive interface, multi-touch support * Edit images *

Download cleanRAM - Free App for Windows Mobile

Download CleanRAM – Free App for Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile phones tend to have periods "heavy" in which their speed response more like that of an octogenarian. This is because congestion RAM all sorts of memories left behind by various Windows Mobile applications testing or daily use. The solution most used / known to

Lyrics Finder 1.0 - Freeware App for Windows Mobile

Lyrics Finder 1.0 – Freeware App for Windows Mobile

For those who are looking for a Windows Mobile application that will help you find and download in record time favorite lyrics feature phones, Lyrics Finder is the exact application you need. Lyrics 1.0 Finder is an application with simple interface and easy to use. Once open