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Samsung Galaxy Beam projector phone at hand, 2012 launched at MWC in Barcelona

Samsung Galaxy Beam un proiector mobil mereu la indemana, lansat la MWC 2012 de la Barcelona

The folks at Samsung have not come empty handed Barcelona. After they announced the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III will not be released at this event, the Korean manufacturer has surprised us again with a spectacular appearance that was very successful. Samsung Galaxy Beam is a mid-range smartphone that captures

2012 of War: iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 5

Razboiul anului 2012: Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

Development Department is working hard on future Samsung Galaxy S3 and waiting time for the market to launch the iPhone 5 duel is announced to be released this year. The two competitors expect each other to pull his ace in the sleeve and carefully prepare

Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070 - a new Galaxy series smartphone will be launched at Mobile World Congress MWC Barcelona 2012

Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070 - un nou smartphone din seria Galaxy ce va fi lansat la Mobile World Congress MWC Barcelona 2012

Samsung's development department continuously works to enhance fire lead the mobile phone market and prepare new models more or less different from those already released. These seems to be the Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070, which is expected to be launched on the occasion of the Mobile World