Nokia N8

Download Bumbee 1.0.1 for Symbian ^ 3 (Adventure game)

Download Bumbee 1.0.1 pentru Symbian^3 (Joc Aventura)

Bumbee 1.0.1 for Symbian is an adventure game that will surely keep time with mobile phone in hand and with attention focused on him. Is an adventure game that takes place on several levels, which more or less exciting and that will challenge the skill. "An evil

Download Opera Mobile and Opera Mini 11.5 S6.5 60rd 3 for Symbian Edition, 2nd Edition & 1st Edition.

Download Opera Mobile 11.5 si Opera Mini 6.5 pentru Symbian S60 3rd Edition, 2nd Edition & 1st Edition.

If computers with operating systems Windows, Opera is the most popular browser among mobile phones and smartphones is definitely a clear leader. From simple java phones iPhone, Opera is the most used application that helps us navigate the Internet on your mobile phone. Ago

Symbian Anna Update for Nokia N8, E7 Nokia, Nokia and Nokia C7-6 C01

Symbian Anna Update pentru Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7 si Nokia C6-01

Customers from Europe and Asia who have bought Nokia smartphones N8, E7 Nokia, Nokia and Nokia C7-6 C01 now have reason to rejoice. Nokia has launched these days a platform Symbian Anna update. Depending on the mobile phone operator, Symbian Anna via Ovi Suite can be updated with phone connected to PC

Compass Pro - Compass for mobile phone (Symbian)

Compass Pro - Busola pentru telefonul mobil (Symbian)

An interesting and useful at the same time is a compass Compass Pro for mobile phone with Symbian. This application can be set to always have a compass icon on the phone screen. The size and display area of ​​the compass can be easily configured. It should be noted that should

False calls ByeByeCaller

Apeluri false cu ByeByeCaller

Often you may want to get rid of a discussion or a dull nagging interlocutor. Now here's an interesting application and saving at the same time. With ByeByeCaller, you can simulate a fake phone call input (not actual calls made) to find an excuse to leave the room or leave. Thus only pornti

ThinkFlash make a torch bearer phone

ThinkFlash face din telefon o lanterna la purtator

One mobile applications for Symbian S60v5 that I found very interesting is ThinkFlash that manages to do from your phone a real flashlight. So if you want to go int a dark room, down the stairs of the building where he took the stairs light, unlock the door in a dark night or even read



If you do not have time to go to a basketball court to make a game with friends or even trashed, then surely it `Hoop game to steal a bit of free time. A game that will train you to throw the ring to "line 3 points". Use the "speed

Tricks with USB On-The-Go for Nokia N8

Trucuri cu USB On-The-Go pentru Nokia N8

New Nokia N8 with its support for USB On-The-Go, basically allows you to connect a number of USB peripherals (flash drives, for example) or other phones and to use it as you have connected the a PC. Although Nokia N8 has three months to launch, we're sure you'd like