Nokia C6

Compass Pro - Compass for mobile phone (Symbian)

Compass Pro - Busola pentru telefonul mobil (Symbian)

An interesting and useful at the same time is a compass Compass Pro for mobile phone with Symbian. This application can be set to always have a compass icon on the phone screen. The size and display area of ​​the compass can be easily configured. It should be noted that should

False calls ByeByeCaller

Apeluri false cu ByeByeCaller

Often you may want to get rid of a discussion or a dull nagging interlocutor. Now here's an interesting application and saving at the same time. With ByeByeCaller, you can simulate a fake phone call input (not actual calls made) to find an excuse to leave the room or leave. Thus only pornti

NetQin Mobile Anti-virus for Nokia v4.0

NetQin Mobile Anti-virus v4.0 pentru Nokia

One of the best security solutions for Nokia phones is NetQin Anti-virus. Supported by a Cloud security model, NetQin Mobile Anti-virus v4.0 is designed to protect Symbian phones from viruses or malware attacks. Important characteristics of this anti-virus are scanning, erasing and protection while

Nunlock - unlocks the screen like an iPhone

nUnlock - deblocheaza ecranul ca un iPhone

If you have a touch screen phone with Symbian S60v5 and want to unlock as an iPhone, you can do this with Nunlock. So you can download and install this program that simulates Nunlock unlock the phone like an iPhone. When the phone screen locks, you can unlock it using the iPhone can slide in

MazeLock release a new screen

MazeLock un nou mod de deblocare a ecranului

MazeLock specifically addresses Symbian phones S60v5 and offers an innovative way to unlock the touch display of your phone. Initially, this application has a default release, which can be changed with a new release customized according to each user. The basic idea to unlock the