Android Applications

Samsung launched the first Tizen phone, Z1

Samsung a lansat primul telefon Tizen, Z1

The first phone using Tizen software platform has finally become reality. Z1 new device, which was presented last summer, it is, unfortunately, a product just as attractive as the old model Z, which is a lower series phone, which is currently only selling point India. Tizen platform system

Top Weather Apps For Android (The 9 best weather apps for Android)

Top Aplicatii Vreme Pentru Android (The 9 best weather apps for Android)

All we care about Weather. It has the ability to determine how we spend the day. We dress according to the weather and even cancel events that are held outside because of it. So it is important to always have the most updated version of the time available whenever we need. With this in

Phone Jolla and Sailfish OS

Telefonul Jolla si SailFish OS

Jolla smartphone was announced for some time, but the project was revealed so early that the team had no prototype available to show the world. After a few months later, we finally have the chance to see this truly mobile. What is La Jolla? It's a smartphone. This is the simplest

Google Keep - Sticker for Android

Google Keep - Sticker pentru Android

With Google Keep quickly capture what's in your mind and remember more easily whatever you want. Create a checklist, insert a voice note or a photo and adnotand fix it. All you have said is instantly available on all your devices - desktop and mobile. Main Features: Keep track of your thoughts

Minimalistic Text - Android Widget

Minimalistic Text - Widget Android

Minimalistic Text is a widget app that displays information in a minimalistic way. It can be configured to display time, date, battery and weather information. Structure that is highly customizable widgets, with editable layout. Supports languages: English, Danish, German, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, French, Croatian, Serbian, Czech, Spanish, Estonian, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian,

Mini Flashlight - Flashlight on Android

Flashlight Mini - Lanterna pe Android

Brightest LED Flashlight mobile instantly transform your Android device into a real flashlight shining! Ultimate lighting tool that would take full advantage of LED light. It has an Strobe / Blinking is also FREE! Highlights: Brightest Flashlight Available - Guaranteed! Convenient - light just like using a real flashlight with switch

Live 140 - Stream TV Android Application

Live 140 - Aplicatie Stream TV Android

Live 140 is a TV streaming app for Android, where each show has star analysts and fans "live-tweeting". Live tweet 140 patronize these flows for each show and displays them in real time, giving you unparalleled TV experience. Simply turn on your favorite show, open the application and choose the show you will find

Android Terminal Emulator - Introduction to Linux Command Line

Android Terminal Emulator  - Introducere Linii Comanda Linux

A very useful application for those who want to use Linux commands on Android mobile device is Android Terminal Emulator. Access your Android device with Linux command line shell. Features and simple explanation: If you have problems with entering text, try installing free "Hacker's Keyboard IME". (Especially if you