UTOK FURY, a new mid-range smartphone Romanian

UTOK FURY, un nou smartphone romanesc mid-range

UTOK, Romanian company which sells affordable mobile devices, today announced a new smartphone budget, mid-range performance. Called UTOK FURY, the new terminal specifications include dual SIM quite unusual for the price category that fits, coming bundled with a pair of quality headphones. The new smartphone has a

HTC One M9, spy pictures leaked on the Internet

HTC One M9, imagini-spion scapate pe Internet

Replacement of the famous HTC One M8, the new HTC One M9 it seems that it is already in an advanced stage of preparation, waiting for the official launch event should take place earlier this spring. Until then, top of the range HTC future can be seen in the first series of images unofficial offered Lunches

626 Desire, a new mid-range device from HTC

Desire 626, un nou dispozitiv mid-range de la HTC

While some manufacturers of smartphones are trying to limit the number of devices on the market, the company constantly develops various terminals HTC mid-range. Soon Desire range will receive a new member in the form of 626, which seems to be not so different from other HTC models already announced. From the leaked images

Samsung Galaxy S6 a top smartphone with 4 GB RAM and rear glass

Samsung Galaxy S6, un smartphone de top cu 4 GB memorie RAM si spate din sticla

It seems that many have already begun to circulate rumors about Samsung's next top smartphone, Galaxy S6. We know, in large part, the hardware configuration that Korean manufacturer will incorporate the new phone. The latest information coming from the company even Asian and bring to the forefront the amount of RAM that

4G mobile broadband technology from Ericsson arrives in Peruvian Amazonia

Tehnologia broadband mobil 4G de la Ericsson ajunge in Amazonia Peruviana

For now, this is the first project in Latin America that uses technology to provide wireless access 4G fixed Internet in inaccessible areas with difficult topography, such as the Amazon jungle. Owning an area of ​​square kilometers 500.000, Peruvian Amazonia is one of the largest biodiversity in the world and

How can we recover lost or stolen phones?

Cum ne putem recupera telefoanele furate sau pierdute?

Have you lost your mobile or stolen and you do not know which recovery options that you have on hand? Do not forget that current devices have both tracking applications, as well as helpful information offered even their technical specifications. Let's see together how we can recover the phone! In the case of

LG G4 a possible flagship Android LG Lollipop 5.0

LG G4, un posibil flagship LG cu Android 5.0 Lollipop

LG announced at CES 2014, 2 new device LG G Flex, but most likely already working on a top of the range downward to G3. Although the company has not officially discussed a possible G4, developing and releasing it is almost inevitable. A series of images leaked on the internet say

Xiaomi will launch new sites phablet Mi and Mi Notes Notes Pro

Xiaomi va lansa noile phablet-uri Mi Note si Mi Note Pro

Xiaomi company is the manufacturer of mobile devices with the fastest growth in recent years. In 2014, the Chinese company was ranked in the top three mobile hardware developers, and this year may even surpass Samsung and Apple. Considering its new products, chances are you succeed this performance, if


Samsung Galaxy S6 possible support for VR Gear

Virtual reality is a new space that the IT industry is trying to conquer it lately. Korean company Samsung seems to be one of the companies producing mobile devices eminence wants a presence in this market, as demonstrated by the launch, in 2014, with Oculus VR Gear accessory for Galaxy Note 4. Unfortunately,


6s iPhone, Apple's first smartphone equipped with more than 1 GB RAM

According to information from sources disclosed relationships among partners in China Apple iPhone Apple 6s will be the first smartphone equipped with more than 1 GB RAM. Using LPDDR4 chips should bring more consistent performance in terms of games and applications for iOS. Using memory chips LPDDR4 being