HTC Desire launched a new smartphone with 64-bit processor

HTC lanseaza un nou smartphone Desire, cu procesor pe 64-biti

In an attempt to get out as soon as in a difficult financial situation, HTC has decided to diversify ranges mid-range smartphone, the company announced the launch lately several models of Desire series, which is famous for its user-friendly terminals. The newest ad company revealed its intention to launch in the near future

LG has announced the launch of the smartphone G3 Stylus

LG a anuntat lansarea smartphone-ului G3 Stylus

Earlier this month, via a video commercials alleged accidental LG revealed plans to introduce a new smartphone G series, namely G3 Stylus. With only a week before the event will be held 2014 IFA in Berlin, the company officially announced the terminal, it will be part of

A new iOS vulnerability allows calls to premium rate numbers without the users

O noua vulnerabilitate iOS permite efectuarea de apeluri catre numere cu suprataxa fara acordul utilizatorilor

Recently it was discovered a new vulnerability in the iPhone that allows triggering calls to premium rate numbers without the knowledge of users through some iOS applications. Apparently, this vulnerability can be exploited URI schemes (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​to make calls to different phone numbers. In most cases, the numbers of

Nokia Lumia 530 is now available in Romania

Nokia Lumia 530 este acum disponibil si in Romania

Less than a month after announcing the cheapest Windows Phone by Microsoft, Nokia Lumia 530 terminal is now available in Romania, online stores, at prices from £ 408. For those interested, the device runs the latest Windows Mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.1, and has

Full specifications for the BlackBerry smartphone Passport

Specificatiile complete pentru smartphone-ul BlackBerry Passport

Although two months have passed since the first public appearance of the strange Passport BlackBerry smartphone (it was photographed in hand CEO, John Chen), and has since appeared in various photo galleries and even videos to promote the device has not been presented formally and in

How to disable preinstalled apps on Android devices

Cum putem dezactiva aplicatiile preinstalate pe dispozitivele cu Android

Regardless of the platform used furniture, all mobile devices (and here we refer to smartphones and tablets) contain preinstalled applications, provided such devices are manufacturers (OEMs) or mobile operators that sell. Such applications that come bundled with mobile devices can not be removed, even though most of the time users

HTC launched HTC One M8 version of Windows Phone

HTC a lansat varianta HTC One M8 cu sistem de operare Windows Phone

HTC launched two days ago version top smartphone HTC One M8 running Windows Phone. The device has the same specifications as Android counterpart, but surprisingly, its battery life is one of almost 75% higher (even though it has the same capacity on both models,

LG has announced two new mid-range smartphone: L Fino and L Bello

LG a anuntat lansarea a doua noi smartphone-uri mid-range: L Fino si L Bello

More than 2 2014 weeks before the event IFA to be held on September 3, LG was quick to announce the launch of two new smartphones series mid-range L, namely L Fino and L Bello. The new devices LG's flagship design copy G3 and Rear buttons Key system and some


Google launches Android One on September 15

On September 15 Google is planning an event in India where most likely the first smartphone to launch low-cost Android One program. This program, announced in June, will give many hardware manufacturers Mobile chance to build cheap smartphones that will use the Android system


How to disable the Call Waiting feature on the iPhone

All modern phones have the Call Waiting feature that warns users that they have a call on hold during phone calls. Although most cases this is an advantage (for example, if an important call waiting, even if we during a call, we will notify you when we get that