VIVA i7 Allview launched a tablet with Intel Atom

Allview a lansat VIVA i7, o tableta cu procesor Intel Atom

Allview tablet VIVA today announced i7 the fourth tablet of the company with integrated Intel Atom processor. As stated by General Manager Allview tablet i7 VIVA offers users performance at an affordable price of just £ 349. Intel Atom Dual-Core Tablet with 1.2 GHz frequency, is supported by

LG Announces Smartphone G3 Beat (or G3 mini)

LG anunta lansarea smartphone-ului G3 Beat (sau G3 mini)

After numerous leaks and rumors appeared online sites, LG has finally made the official announcement about the launch of the smartphone LG G3 Beat mini version of LG's flagship G3. As expected, LG G3 Beat is at the same time similar but different from LG G3. Similar in terms of appearance, the device has

Apple may delay the launch of the iPhone 6 5.5 inches by 2015

Apple ar putea amana lansarea modelului iPhone 6 de 5.5 inci pana in 2015

As we had used in the past three years, Apple will launch (most likely, and according to several online sources) iPhone 6 new line (which includes two models of different sizes) in September. Also, most rumors suggest that the iPhone models 6 both the 4.7 5.5 inches and the inches will

Samsung may launch Samsung Galaxy Alpha, a premium smartphone with metal case next month

Samsung ar putea lansa Samsung Galaxy Alpha, un smartphone premium cu carcasa metalica, luna viitoare

Samsung rumored intention to launch a mobile device with metal housing have all occurred in the last year, or even to assume that Samsung Galaxy S5 will have such housing (special edition) prior to its release. Even if the Galaxy S5 came bundled all with plastic housing

How can we change the quality of YouTube videos on Android

Cum putem schimba calitatea videoclipurilor de pe YouTube in Android

When it comes to viewing videos on YouTube on a mobile device, playback quality depends heavily on the quality of your internet connection. The video quality is automatically selected depending on how strong (or how weak) is connection. Whilst the majority of users of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)

Install Android keyboard from your Android device L

Instaleaza tastatura din Android L pe dispozitivul tau Android

Late last month Google unveiled the new Android operating system called Android currently L (Lollipop) and released the Developer Preview version of its mobile devices Nexus and Nexus 5 7. Among the new features of presented, one that has captured the attention of the users is the keyboard, which, as

How can we block individual applications in Android

Cum putem bloca aplicatii individuale in Android

If used to allow temporary use of your Android device by others, most probably do not want that they can have access to certain applications installed in the system. To solve this problem, the simplest solution is to block those applications so they can not be opened without permission

The final version of the Android system L could include more customization options

Versiunea finala a sistemului Android L ar putea include mai multe optiuni de customizare

Google introduced two weeks ago (on 25 June) 5.0 next Android OS called Android L (Lollipop) and the day after, launched the Developer Preview version of it (it is only compatible with mobile devices Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 and can be downloaded here). Of feature-ups introduced


Protect your files by sending shares forget that self-destruct with Digify

If you want to share, watch certain documents or files containing important data but do not want the data contained therein on hand to get everyone (once you leave those files from you, you have to know where you will land) will Digify recommend use mobile application. Available for Android and iOS, Digify


How can we share contacts ui quickly between Android and iOS

Nowadays it is very easy to do backup contacts saved on mobile devices by synchronizing with Google's address book or iCloud. Thus, whenever you change your smartphone supplied with one later (or move from one mobile platform to another) or back to the factory settings