PayPal 2.7 for iPhone

PayPal 2.7 pentru iPhone

Compared to other mobile devices, iPhone owners are privileged when it comes to applications PayPal Mobile. If the Windows Mobile or Symbian, PayPal, ulul is almost unavailable on the iPhone are possible almost all options (transactions, adding credit cards, withdraw money, etc ...). IPhone 2.7 PayPal PayPal - Send Money

Reset HTC HD Mini - Return to factory settings

Resetare Generala HTC HD Mini - Revenire la setarile din fabricatie

Launched earlier this year, HTC HD Mini is a miniature copy smartphone HTC HD2. In Romania, the HTC HD Mini gets more and more popular among fans of smartphones and of devices with Windows Mobile. It is an ideal phone for business class and for those who can not stay away from

Mobile phones with Windows Phone 7

Telefoane mobile cu Windows Phone 7

It seems that launch Windows Phone 7 can be compared with launch of the first iPhone. More and more people are interested in smartphones will be equipped with this operating system Mobile. After a short time, Microsoft made public the list of the devices to be equipped with the new operating system and list operators

Google Goggles for iPhone (Download)

Google Goggles is perhaps the most revolutionary and information search service for mobile device sites. The application was indrodusa since December 2009 on the devices with the Android operating system, and has enjoyed great popularity, especially in the United States. Almost a year after launching the application, Google Goggles is

How to decode a HTC Diamond - Tutorial. SECURITY UNLOCKED SIM UNLOCKED &

Cum se decodeaza un HTC Diamond - Tutorial. SECURITY UNLOCKED & SIM UNLOCKED

Today we did the first experiment decoding mobile phone at home. It is true that not all phones can decode without special devices, but for those who have bought HTC Diamond from Orange or Vodafone, there is a very simple solution for decoding. How can we decode free home, a smartphone HTC Diamond. * Our experiment

Samsung SGH-i916 Windows Phone 7

Samsung SGH-i916 cu Windows Phone 7

Good news for fans of Samsung smartphones and those of Windows Mobile. Samsung prepares mobile market launch of the new model of smartphone, the Samsung SGH-i916. Surely it will be the first models of smartphones that will be based on the new operating system Windows Phone 7. Many delatii not know about this

Editing documents in Google Docs on Android and iPad devices Sites

Editarea documentelor in Google Docs de pe device-urile Android si iPad

Google Docs has become a very secure online application, used by many people when it comes to store documents and online editing Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Google Docs is a free service provided by Google, with the help of which you can view, create, edit and share documents online, without the need

ERROR [226]: FLASH WRITE (Fix - Tutorial) - HTC

ERROR [226] : FLASH WRITE (Fix Error - Tutorial) - HTC

ERROR [226]: FLASH WRITE is an error that occurs in many HTC smartphones after several updates / installations of ROMs. It is a very serious error that can be generated by a write permission of files on the system partition (OS partition) to a hard error. Solution


How to disable automatic updating of applications in Android

By default, applications installed Google Android Play Store are set to update automatically whenever the mobile device is connected to the Internet. If you prefer to review the permissions applications before they update (in many cases changes the permissions applications they receive updates us) or do not want


Rooms Facebook launched a mobile application that facilitates anonymous type discussion forum

Facebook launched last week in the US a new mobile application called Rooms, which allows users to initiate conversations forum under the shelter of anonymity. Through Rooms, users can create "rooms" which are assigned different topics of discussion (the topic is chosen by the person who creates the room), you can then customize to your preference.