Download Colormix iPhone Theme

A theme with a beautiful range of colors and Colormix for your phone is iPhone. This theme features a beautiful wallpaper with 3 colors of green, yellow and red, and the icons and status bar are well chosen through a gray semiglass entering wallpaper perfect contrast. This theme is dedicated Colormix

Wood iPhone Theme Download

A specific theme is very well integrated and Wood for mobile iPhone. It can be seen that the theme has a wood look so nice on a brown background and icons are so well integrated into the theme, as you seem simply simple carved wooden decorations. This theme is dedicated to Wood

Download Lucy Pinder Sony Ericsson Theme W800

Do you like pretty girls? Feel free to download and this theme with this beautiful girl Lucy Pinder for your Sony Ericsson W800. On a white background are highlighted by different zooms on different areas of the body, in this model, which contrasts with helmet and sin. Basic phone this topic is Lucy Pinder

Download Orbit Sony Ericsson W810 Animated Theme

Another animated theme for Sony Ericsson W810 is also the subject Orbit. Theme is based on a black background which runs a series of animation orbital radii in bright red. Basic phone this topic Orbit is dedicated, is Sony Ericsson W810, but if you want it

Download Playboy Pink Sony Ericsson W600 Theme

For lovers of Glamour recommend a cool theme, which is dedicated to Playboy Pink Sony Ericsson W600. Track the theme has a color range from purple to pink Playboy bunny known greenhouse glass. Basic phone this topic is dedicated to Playboy Pink is Sony Ericsson W600, but if you want the subject and

Download Techno Sony Ericsson K750 Animated Theme

If you want a theme for your phone animated Techno Sony Ericsson K750 please download this gorgeous theme. This theme with a bunch of white rays on a blue background with border of metallic ribs is super cool. Basic phone this topic Techno is dedicated, is Sony Ericsson K750,

Download Animated Nokia Clock Theme

This special dedicated phone ema Nokia has a simple design and futuristic. With a tone of blue color, this topic has a series of icons very appropriate theme they represent. This theme is addressed models Nokia, with Symbian S60 and 240 x 320 maximum resolution that accepts files

Download Animated Nike Nokia Theme

Another topic of fashion and can say that this topic is animated with Nike. Seems like a simple issue but has a very refined subtlety and complexity for connoisseurs eyes. And icons are also very suggestive and fits perfectly into the theme. This theme is addressed models Nokia, Symbian and S60


Security issues for devices running Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1

Given the magnitude that took the Android operating system and mobile device market dominance have emerged inherent security issues that arise especially datoritat popularity and attractiveness products hackers this huge base that can monetize more information. One of the vulnerabilities is Heartbleed virus, which initially