PhoneTorch 2.0.2 S60v3 S60v5 - Mobile Flashlight and Morse

PhoneTorch 2.0.2 S60v3 S60v5 - Lanterna si morse pe mobil

PhoneTorch 2.0 is an application that turns your cell phone into a flashlight and a morse code transmitter. The application uses all available light emitters your phone LCD, LED or flash of camera or video. Download application PhoneTorch 2.0 - Link Features of PhoneTorch 2.0 * Light sources: flash LED and

iPhone 4.0 Preview

iPhone 4.0 Preview

For those who still have not heard, Apple made the presentation yesterday 4.0 iPhone mobile operating system. If you are interested, first of all you need to know about the features of the new iPhone and are major changes to it. first 4.0 will be multitasking iPhone: Apple users are requested to comply.

HTC Desire firmware update

HTC Desire firmware update

Although recently released the first firmware update for the HTC Desire is soon to follow. In just a few days ago, HTC released a new firmware version for smartphones HTC Desire - 1.15.405.4 version. The update is available Over The Air (OTA). "In our Commitment to Providing you with the best user experience, we

Google Translate for Animals (translate the language of animals)

Google Translate pentru Animale (traduce limbajul animalelor)

Besides the most popular online translation tool, Google Translate, Google launched a challenge. Google Translate for animals. This new tool is designed to record sounds using animal mobile phone and translates them (vocals) in English. It is a very useful thing for those who are frequently

My Last Cigarette for Windows Mobile

My Last Cigarette pentru Windows Mobile

If you are one of many people trying to quit smoking and for various reasons or excuses continue to light cigarette after cigarette, try application "miracle" for Windows Mobile, My Last Cigarrtte. How My Last Cigarette can help you quit smoking? Your health monitoring their level of nicotine in the body

PicSay Pro - Photo Editor for Android 2.0

PicSay PRO – Foto Editor pentru Android 2.0

PicSay Pro for Android is an application with which you can edit photos taken with mobile phone or already stored in it. PicSay Pro can do for your photos? Very much! :) Can improve color quality of photos you can add special effects to your photos you can personalize your photos with text, which is

Download WpToGo: WordPress for Android (Freeware)

Download WpToGo : WordPress for Android (Freeware)

Bloggers who own Android phones, they definitely need an application with which you can write articles on personal blogs even when you do not have a computer handy, that using feature phones. If you are among those using WordPress platform for blogging and recently

Opera Mini on iPhone 5

Opera Mini 5 will be by far the best performing browser for the iPhone, this application will be approved if of course the Apple app store. Many wonder if the application passes the "test" Apple, that after the company restpins many applications for the iPhone and App Store have excluded applications in the past have


Google Launcher Now receives support multiple versions and Android devices

When he was released earlier this year, Google launcher Now (originally called Google Experience Launcher) was not made available until 5 Nexus devices, because at the end of February to be released updated version for other devices Android Nexus series and some devices Google Play edition. Today


How to program the music on an iOS device off

Many iOS users tend to listen to music on devices supplied before falling asleep. Because of this, those who forget the player open all night, are likely in the morning to wake iOS device battery discharged. If your has happened so often, the simplest solution