View matches of UEFA Champions League mobile

Vezi meciurile din UEFA Champions League pe telefonul mobil

An application for football iubitoriii unable to watch UEFA Champions League matches on TV, for various reasons. Whether you are walking with girlfriend out with friends or at work, you can watch UEFA Champions League matches on your mobile phone. Match Tracker application allows you to vizualiati live scores, schedule

Applications for Windows Phone 7 will need OK from Microsoft's

Aplicatiile pentru Windows Phone 7 vor avea nevoie de OK din partea Microsoft-ului

MIX Annual Conference held this month, Microsoft has released more details about Windows Phone 7 and software, (or tools) that developers will use to create applications for this operating system. Microsoft also took advantage to make a very important announcement for those who want

Download cleanRAM - Free App for Windows Mobile

Download CleanRAM – Free App for Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile phones tend to have periods "heavy" in which their speed response more like that of an octogenarian. This is because congestion RAM all sorts of memories left behind by various Windows Mobile applications testing or daily use. The solution most used / known to

Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Mobile 6.1 / 6.5 (Tested on HTC Diamond)

Yahoo! Messenger pentru Windows Mobile 6.1 / 6.5 (Testat pe HTC Diamond)

There are few people who have bought mobile phones with Windows Mobile operating systems 6.1 or 6.5 WM, and want to use Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk or Windows Live Messenger (MSN) on your mobile phone. IM applications for Windows Mobile phones are not very many compared with those for Java and Symbian

Download Theme for HTC Windows Phone 7

Download Windows Phone 7 Theme pentru HTC

Premiered at WMC 2010, Windows Phone 7 aroused interest and curiosity of fans of Windows Mobile. As a brief introduction, we say that Windows Phone will 7 the home screen graphic interface very similar to that on the Zune, and access to the main applications of communication / socialization will be very very

Mozilla Firefox Mobile

Mozilla Firefox Mobile

After the official launch on the devices Nokia N900, Firefox Mobile is preparing to launch the Internet browser market power of mobile phones. Today, Opera Mobile is the most stable and comprehensive mobile browser, but the challenge launched by Mozilla can bring many surprises. For a month, all developers are invited to develop

Xperia Pureness - the first phone with translucent screen

Xperia Pureness – primul telefon cu ecran translucid

Sony Ericsson has launched very interesting 14 December 1 Xperia Pureness phone model. Its a piece de resistance is its screen is the first phone in the world that has a transparent liquid crystal LCD screen. The purchase price of this phone is around $ 990 amount. The classic style of this

Download Tvider for BlackBerry and Symbian (Free Twitter Client)

Download Tvider pentru BlackBerry si Symbian (Free Twitter Client)

Owners of Nokia (Symbian) and / or BlackBerry have yet another reason to become fans Twitter: the new mobile client, Tvider. Tvider is designed to make the experience more enjoyable Twitter has become for those who prefer the Blackberry or Symbian Windows Mobile (Smartphone) and ace in the hole is the possibility


Google will not list applications that allow shopping within them as free

Lately, Google has implemented a series of warnings and restrictions regarding mobile applications that allow acquisitions within them, in an attempt to avoid accidental loading unwanted bills or expenses by unauthorized persons (eg children who installs and play different games free devices alleged


How can we share contacts ui quickly between Android and iOS

Nowadays it is very easy to do backup contacts saved on mobile devices by synchronizing with Google's address book or iCloud. Thus, whenever you change your smartphone supplied with one later (or move from one mobile platform to another) or back to the factory settings