How do you unlock and reset a Samsung U700v software.

Cum poti sa decodezi si sa resetezi softul unui Samsung U700v.

This tutorial is only useful U700v Samsung owners, for other models of Samsung or other brands of mobile phones, do not try because they do not know what errors may occur. If you bought a Samsung SGH U700v subscription, surely it is encoded in the network from which you have purchased. For

Download Skyfire for Android 2.0

Download Skyfire 2.0 pentru Android

Good news for users of Android mobile phones. Skyfire mobile web browser 2.0 came out of beta! Among the most important of Skyfire cracteristici 2.0 is multi-tab browsing option that allows us to keep open multiple web pages simultaneously, compatibility largest social network, Facebook and Twitter, plus

HTC Incredible vs. iPhone 3GS

HTC Incredible vs. iPhone 3GS

Does HTC Incredible deserves its name the name or not? We know this by comparing the features of the iPhone 3GS, step by step. Display Winner: HTC Incredible Few of iPhone owners have complained of its 3,5 inch screen, but HTC Incredible beat from all points of view. Besides the largest diagonal

Pinball HD for iPad (Download Game)

Pinball HD pentru iPad (Download Game)

There have even been three weeks since the launch of the iPad, the first game for this device has also appeared on the market. Pinball HD for iPad, PC game is adapting to these wonderful devices. While not a game 3D details and effects, the graphics are impeccable, and the display of the iPad so great.

Need for Speed ​​SHIFT (Download Java Game)

Need For Speed SHIFT (Download Java Game)

Need for Speed ​​SHIFT, the famous car racing game for mobile phones with Java or Symbian support. The game is compatible on most mobile phones Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and Samsung. If you have installed Java support, the game can be played on mobile phones with Windows Mobile (eg HTC.) Need For Speed ​​SHIFT Need 128 × 160.jar

Sounds scary (mp3 ringtones) - Pack 1

Sunete de speriat (mp3 ringtones) - Pack 1

A collection of ringtones for all phones that support audio telefonele mp3. These ringtones are for fans of strong sensations, the only sounds scary good friends. Salbatine cat screaming sounds, demons, monsters, crying women and children misterio organ sounds and more. List of ringtones available in this

iPhone - MMS, Video Recording & videocall

iPhone - MMS, Video Recording & Videocall

There are no little ones for the iPhone has changed the standards in terms of mobile device sites, nor those who are anti-iPhone not few at all. Primarily as an Apple iPhone Apps Store benefit for installing applications, Apps Store that is displeasing to many, as any Blackberry owners

Sony Ericsson Zylo - Specifications and Pictures

Sony Ericsson Zylo - Specificatii si Imagini

Sony Ericsson Zylo is the latest product of Sony-Ericsson announced soon. The new phone is one of the two devices announced by SE Walkman music mobile amateur. The phone will be launched in the third quarter of this year, and will be especially distinguished by the quality of sound playback. A feature


How to set options for Android phones Call IF Found Lost

When you purchase a mobile device, the first thing you need to do is to secure the device, both to protect privacy and to protect the device itself. One of the most important things you should consider a smartphone user is that there is always the possibility of


How to disable the Call Waiting feature on the iPhone

All modern phones have the Call Waiting feature that warns users that they have a call on hold during phone calls. Although most cases this is an advantage (for example, if an important call waiting, even if we during a call, we will notify you when we get that