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The new ZTE Tania Windows Phone Chinese a cheap and efficient enough


Giant ZTE decided to attack all segments of customers and produced a wide range of smartphones. ZTE Tania is the first operating system that has implemented Windows Phone 7. 5 Mango. With a processing unit Scorpio 1GHz new ZTE bad does not move application provided by Microsoft. With an internal memory of 4GB, it has no problem to catch hold of 5MP integrated camera can achieve high resolution HD movies 720p. Connectivity Package comes with everything a smartphone needs of these times: v3.0 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HSDPA 14,4Mbps.

Problems arise when it comes to autonomy, the weakness of almost all current smartphones that try to encompass as many intensive applications and functions that default spreads on the battery due to limited size will not please most users. In conclusion, this new model of Chinese manufacturers will certainly have a say in its market segment mainly due to the price compared to similar models, this is the main asset of most Chinese smartphones.

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