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Google hoped Edition Phones are not the answer

Google Edition Phones nu sunt raspunsul sperat

Google Edition of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are phones without the manufacturer skins, which runs Android just supposed to be a solution to one of the biggest problems Android. The idea was that when an update happens platform, premium hardware will not be left

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 exclusively through Vodafone in Romania

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 in Romania exclusiv prin Vodafone

Samsung recently launched Galaxy Mega, a revolutionary terminal that combines the features of a smartphone and a tablet functionality with a 6,3 inch widescreen HD. Galaxy Mega is released exclusively by Vodafone telephone operator. The Vodafone customers who will buy the new terminal will start at a price of Euro 1,

Rumor Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Zvonuri Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung said it is working on the next generation smartphone Galaxy Note, which kicked off phablet category worldwide, after a few years. There have been a number of leaks and rumors about the next series of the popular large-screen phone Samsung Note in the last few weeks. Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Folder classic clamshell smartphone will be available soon

Samsung Galaxy Folder un smartphone clasic cu clapeta va fi disponibil in curand

After almost completely killed the competition in mobile telephony, Koreans from Samsung can afford to develop new concepts and designs that are sought after by nostalgic classical models present on the market now but 10 years to incorporate the latest technology. So Samsung is preparing an Android smartphone flip (clamshell) that

Samsung Ativ S Neo, the latest Windows Phone from Samsung is available in this summer

Samsung Ativ S Neo, cel mai nou Windows Phone de la Samsung este disponibil din acesta vara

After he destroyed the competition and dominate the smartphone market running Android, Koreans from Samsung Windows Phone segment attack and now a few years on models Nokia launches new model series Samsung Ativ S ative S. New Neo is a smartphone class running the latest version of Microsoft Windows Phone

Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro - Review

Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro - Review

One of the latest models from Samsung extremely robust but also for active people who want a phone that is protected by various injuries (water, shock, etc.) is this model called Galaxy Rugby Pro. Thus Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro comes with a number of safety features such as soft layer on the sides

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Camera with a built-in phone

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom un aparat foto cu telefon incorporat

Samsung impresses again and launches the first smartphone that has integrated optical zoom and can meet the needs of an amateur photographer. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is actually a Samsung Galaxy mini S4 which was attached an optical lens system enabling camera with BSI CMOS sensor to achieve a zoom 16MP

Samsung Galaxy S5 could have a full metal body?

Samsung Galaxy S5 ar putea avea un corp complet din metal?

Samsung Galaxy S4 pilot is the last ship of the company, but there were already rumors about Galaxy S5 a South Korean company. This demonstrates, once again, as soon as you buy a new electronic product is already out-of-date. According to Android Geeks, Samsung is going to change the design. Despite its Galaxy S models