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HERE Nokia Maps now available on Android, exclusive to Samsung Galaxy series

Nokia HERE Maps disponibile acum si pe Android, in exclusivitate pentru seria Samsung Galaxy

Good news for Android users who tend to use often and maps online applications for navigation and orientation: Nokia has announced that in the near future will bring Nokia HERE and on certain mobile devices running the operating system. Nokia HERE for Android will be available exclusively on Samsung terminals

Nokia Lumia 530 is now available in Romania

Nokia Lumia 530 este acum disponibil si in Romania

Less than a month after announcing the cheapest Windows Phone by Microsoft, Nokia Lumia 530 terminal is now available in Romania, online stores, at prices from £ 408. For those interested, the device runs the latest Windows Mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.1, and has

Official websites Nokia, Microsoft redirected pages

Site-urile oficiale Nokia, redirectionate catre pagini Microsoft

Although in the first few months after acquiring the mobile division of Nokia, Microsoft chose not to make major changes, starting July IT giant seems determined to recover lost time, starting over 18.000 cutting jobs and discontinuation for Nokia phones featured (low-end phones)

Microsoft has announced the cheapest Windows Phone, Lumia 530

Microsoft a anuntat cel mai ieftin telefon Windows Phone, Lumia 530

After announcing that it will cease production for evenings Nokia X Series Asha and 40 (as well as other low-cost handsets in Nokia's range featured) to focus on producing Windows Phone devices, Microsoft has released today the cheapest smartphone Nokia Lumia 530 that will run Windows Phone

Microsoft will stop producing Nokia Asha series, Nokia X and other low-cost handsets

Microsoft va inceta producerea seriilor Nokia Asha, Nokia X si a altor telefoane low-cost

Just a few months after buying deviziei phones Nokia, Microsoft announced plans 18.000 restructuring the company by cutting jobs. At the same time, Microsoft also announced its intention to abandon the Nokia X Series devices that were outlined for this product will be released as the world and will run

Nokia today announced the Nokia X2 (Android)

Nokia a anuntat lansarea dispozitivului Nokia X2 (Android)

In a press release issued late last night, Nokia has announced the launch of the second smartphone will run the Android operating system, namely Nokia X2. Nokia X2 will resemble the look of the Lumia line, both on the outside (the body and the device housing) and the appearance of the system (which, even if Android striking resemblance

Nokia has launched the first launcher for Android

Nokia a lansat primul launcher pentru Android

Shortly after Nokia's mobile division was bought by Microsoft, which launched the first Nokia smartphone operating system Android, Nokia X. It not only remained but Nokia's attempt to integrate market products Android, launching the company after only a

Nokia "Superman", the first Windows Phone device with 5 megapixel front camera

Nokia “Superman”, primul dispozitiv Windows Phone cu camera frontala de 5 megapixeli

One of the first terminal launched after acquiring the Nokia phone by Microsoft, Nokia "Superman" will be a Windows Phone smartphone sites dedicated self. Apparently, Superman will be the first Nokia device which will give the standard front camera megapixels 1 2 or it will join recent device