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Rovio launched Angry Birds Epic, a new mobile game Angry Birds franchise

Rovio a lansat Angry Birds Epic, un nou joc mobil din franciza Angry Birds

Rovio announced in March, Angry Birds was made available today Epic regions around the world (the game can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store since the March 17 in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and Canada) on May mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Swiftkey Keyboard for Android is now available for free

Tastatura SwiftKey pentru Android este de acum disponibila gratuit

One of the most popular operating system Android keyboards, Swiftkey, is now available free to users in Google Play Store. In addition, the keyboard comes with a number of new themes 30 and over 800 emoticons. Swiftkey keyboard developers ensure that users have access to all the functionalities

Android keyboards for iOS confirmed 5 8

5 tastaturi Android confirmate pentru iOS 8

Along with the presentation of the new operating system iOS 8, Apple announced that it will provide support and third-party keyboards, which until now was only available to jailbreak iOS devices. After years of self-correct function of the iOS has been a continuous source of frustration and fun for users

New update for Google Hangouts comes with customization options for ring tones and Notifications

Noul update pentru Google Hangouts vine cu optiuni de personalizare pentru tonurile de apel si notificatii

The latest update to the Google Hangouts came bundled with new options for customization, with which users can set custom ringtones and notification instructions for each contact separately. In this way, application users will be able to more quickly differentiate between friends who contact. Prior to this update,

Instagram v6.0 brings new advanced editing functionality 6

Instagram v6.0 aduce 6 functionalitati noi de editare avansata

Instagram recently updated apps for iOS and Android platforms, enriching them with new tools for editing photos 6. In addition, the update comes bundled with November filters and simplifies how to upload videos to the iOS app. New features of shadow and highlight adjustments include sites and enhancing filters applied adjustments for brightness, contrast, saturation,

Microsoft released the first official file manager for Windows Phone

Microsoft lanseaza primul manager de fisiere oficial pentru Windows Phone

Microsoft launched its first native application for managing files for Windows Phone mobile operating system, which is available to download in the astezi Windows Phone Store. APIs for selecting and accessing files that were recently made available by the Company to third-party developers, but Microsoft has chosen to launch its own file manager

Android for kids

Aplicatii Android pentru copii

The 1 June ThePhoneGeeks have launched two Android applications for Special Children, which helps parents to teach children colors. Royal Colors Colors party applications and offers children under 5 years the opportunity to try many combinations of colors predefined plan. In addition, they consume very little system resources,

How can we disable Nearby Friends (or notifications for this feature) in mobile application Facebook

Cum putem dezactiva Nearby Friends (sau notificatiile pentru acest feature) in aplicatia mobila Facebook

Facebook recently added a number of new sites feature mobile application, including Nearby Friends, feature that allows users to share uiasca location with friends (or more specifically notify friends of a user when it is near them). Given that this is an optional feature (still in