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How can I password protect individual applications in Android

Cum putem proteja cu parola aplicatii individuale in Android

Most smartphone users tend to protect their passwords to block devices from accessing the data held on them. But applications and personal data (messages, photos, emails, banking information) can still be accessed by others when the phones are unlocked. For Android users who want to protect their privacy solution is called

Horizon for iOS allows video recording device horizontally at any position

Horizon pentru iOS permite inregistrarea video pe orizontala indiferent de pozitia dispozitivului

When it comes to Instagram or coming any video shot is displayed in the same format (ie square) in any phone position when shooting it. But the same is not true for other sharing services (YouTube for example) or TV. No matter how interesting it would be the moment captured in video or activity, if

Disney Promotion: Free games for Windows Phone OS

Promotie Disney: jocuri gratuite pentru Windows Phone OS

We have good news for users of mobile devices running Windows Phone. 7 of the most popular Disney games can now be downloaded for free from the Windows Phone Store, increasing the total number of free games from Disney 10. The games that you can download now for free from the Windows Phone store are: Where's

How can delete Cydia apps directly from the home screen in iOS 7

Cum putem sterge aplicatiile Cydia direct din home screen in iOS 7

One of the biggest drawbacks when it comes to Cydia and installed applications in this store is the lack of a button to uninstall them directly from the home screen, as is the case for applications installed in Apple App Store. Well, we have good news for those who are irritated that the few

Customize Control Center in iOS 7 with FlipControlCenter

Customizeaza Control Center in iOS 7 cu FlipControlCenter

One of the new features of the iOS operating system is 7 control center through which users can quickly access settings and some feature and functions of the devices provided. The combination of shortcuts available on iOS 7 Control Center is not the ideal one for all users, probably wishing they could

NOKIA is preparing for next year's first Windows Phone smartphone Dual SIM 8

NOKIA pregateste pentru anul viitor primul Windows Phone 8 Dual SIM smartphone

After years Samsung has launched new Android smartphone models we behold Nokia Dual SIM with Microsoft, preparing a smartphone that will run Windows Phone 8. The new version will be displayed separately Tile sites with information about calls and messages and promises to remove physical buttons and will

Nokia All-in-One Camera App is now available for all devices Lumia

Aplicatia Nokia All-in-One Camera App este acum disponibila pentru toate dispozitivele Lumia

Nokia has recently launched Nokia Camera beta, through which Nokia All-in-One Camera, which combines all the features of Nokia and Nokia Smart Cam Cam Pro, is now available for all mobile world. Initially it was only compatible with devices PureView (which have the most advanced shooters Nokia Lumia range), but now