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Apple iOS Launcher app pulled from the App Store due to incorrect use widgets

Apple a retras aplicatia Launcher iOS din App Store din cauza folosirii incorecte a widget-urilor

The most important feature added sites in the new operating system iOS 8 and include widgets, which can be used by users to customize the Today section Notifications Center. One of iOS apps with iOS Launcher 8 was and it allowing users to add shortcuts rapid Center

Links and tricks 15 feature less known iOS users

15 feature-uri si trucuri iOS mai putin cunoscute de utilizatori

Whether you are a new user of an iOS device or have already changed the iPhone device 7 century in as many years since the launch of Apple's first cell phone, most likely are still plenty of sites available in iOS feature that still have no idea. Starting from this idea, in this article we will specify the

Mobile Facebook users can post messages expiration date determined

Utilizatorii Facebook Mobile vor putea posta mesaje cu data de expirare determinata

Facebook recently confrmat intention to include a new feature in mobile application that will allow users of the social network to post messages on the timeline predefined expiry date, they will be deleted automatically after a set period of time before Posting . Feature is unavailable character

USA Today launches the new iPhone 6

Astazi se lanseaza in USA, noul iPhone 6

After Samsung has tried to take the girl with new Samsung Galaxy Alpha, the iPhone smiles back on the market with the 6 generation. Those at Apple took note of demands users and prepared one 2 4,7 models "and other larger 5,5" with a generous screen and a camera

Motorola Moto X launched a new version with faster processor

Motorola a lansat Moto X intr-o noua versiune cu procesor mai rapid

Motorola has just announced an enhanced version of Moto X terminal, it will dispose of a generous screen than its predecessor and improved specifications, in which is included a faster processor. The new smartphone Moto X XT1052 is noted by a new design with polished metal frame

HERE Nokia Maps will return soon to iOS

Nokia HERE Maps va reveni in curand pe iOS

After last week Nokia announced a partnership with Samsung to bring Android smartphones Galaxy series HERE Maps Navigation app yesterday the company made public its intention to make that app available again and iOS mobile system. HERE Maps was previously available for iOS, but after the release of iOS

How to set options for Android phones Call IF Found Lost

Cum putem seta optiunea Call If Found pentru telefoanele Android pierdute

When you purchase a mobile device, the first thing you need to do is to secure the device, both to protect privacy and to protect the device itself. One of the most important things you should consider a smartphone user is that there is always the possibility of

HERE Nokia Maps now available on Android, exclusive to Samsung Galaxy series

Nokia HERE Maps disponibile acum si pe Android, in exclusivitate pentru seria Samsung Galaxy

Good news for Android users who tend to use often and maps online applications for navigation and orientation: Nokia has announced that in the near future will bring Nokia HERE and on certain mobile devices running the operating system. Nokia HERE for Android will be available exclusively on Samsung terminals