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How to set options for Android phones Call IF Found Lost

Cum putem seta optiunea Call If Found pentru telefoanele Android pierdute

When you purchase a mobile device, the first thing you need to do is to secure the device, both to protect privacy and to protect the device itself. One of the most important things you should consider a smartphone user is that there is always the possibility of

Google Launcher Now receives support multiple versions and Android devices

Launcher-ul Google Now primeste suport pentru mai multe versiuni si dispozitive Android

When he was released earlier this year, Google launcher Now (originally called Google Experience Launcher) was not made available until 5 Nexus devices, because at the end of February to be released updated version for other devices Android Nexus series and some devices Google Play edition. Today

Play today Google has a special section for offline games

Google Play are de astazi o sectiune aparte pentru jocurile offline

Most of the free games (and others) available in Google Play requires internet connection to be accessed / played. Unfortunately, not all Android users always have access to a network (WiFi or mobile) to which they can connect to the device, which means that in such cases they do not have options if

Google will not list applications that allow shopping within them as free

Google nu va mai lista aplicatiile care permit efectuarea de cumparaturi din interiorul acestora ca fiind gratuite

Lately, Google has implemented a series of warnings and restrictions regarding mobile applications that allow acquisitions within them, in an attempt to avoid accidental loading unwanted bills or expenses by unauthorized persons (eg children who installs and play different games free devices alleged

Install Android keyboard from your Android device L

Instaleaza tastatura din Android L pe dispozitivul tau Android

Late last month Google unveiled the new Android operating system called Android currently L (Lollipop) and released the Developer Preview version of its mobile devices Nexus and Nexus 5 7. Among the new features of presented, one that has captured the attention of the users is the keyboard, which, as

If it launched Nexus 6 will be produced by LG

Daca va fi lansat, Nexus 6 nu va fi produs de LG

Since the project was announced the new Google phone, Android Silver was still speculated that it represents the end of the series Nexus. But apparently (at least according to some reports appeared online), this year Google will launch another Nexus smartphone, namely Nexus 6, but from the discussion of one of the directors

Google has launched a mobile version of your site Google Play

Google a lansat o versiune mobila a site-ului Google Play

Google has finally released a mobile version for the web version of Google Play Store (accessible via browser). Starting today, users will be much easier to navigate the Play Store if they access the online store Android applications on a mobile browser (if you do not have access to

Android Market now allows payment applications and PayPal account

Google Play permite acum plata aplicatiilor si din contul PayPal

Google released these days a new update for Google Play store that modifies its interface and do a little happy users who can use PayPal as payment applications bankroll. Thus by choosing your favorite application Google Play user is able to choose how to pay. The new payment service comes in