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6s iPhone, Apple's first smartphone equipped with more than 1 GB RAM

iPhone 6s, primul smartphone Apple echipat cu mai mult de 1 GB memorie RAM

According to information from sources disclosed relationships among partners in China Apple iPhone Apple 6s will be the first smartphone equipped with more than 1 GB RAM. Using LPDDR4 chips should bring more consistent performance in terms of games and applications for iOS. Using memory chips LPDDR4 being

Rooms Facebook launched a mobile application that facilitates anonymous type discussion forum

Facebook a lansat Rooms, o aplicatie mobila care faciliteaza discutiile anonime de tip forum

Facebook launched last week in the US a new mobile application called Rooms, which allows users to initiate conversations forum under the shelter of anonymity. Through Rooms, users can create "rooms" which are assigned different topics of discussion (the topic is chosen by the person who creates the room), you can then customize to your preference.

8.1 iOS will be released on October 20 2014

iOS 8.1 va fi lansat pe 20 octombrie 2014

Apple announced the event held company with the launch of new tablet iPad and iPad Mini Air 2 3 the next major update of iOS system, iOS 8.1 will be available to download starting on October 20. iOS 8.1 will bring Apple mobile device users several new features, including

How to disable the Call Waiting feature on the iPhone

Cum putem dezactiva feature-ul Call Waiting pe dispozitivele iPhone

All modern phones have the Call Waiting feature that warns users that they have a call on hold during phone calls. Although most cases this is an advantage (for example, if an important call waiting, even if we during a call, we will notify you when we get that

A new iOS vulnerability allows calls to premium rate numbers without the users

O noua vulnerabilitate iOS permite efectuarea de apeluri catre numere cu suprataxa fara acordul utilizatorilor

Recently it was discovered a new vulnerability in the iPhone that allows triggering calls to premium rate numbers without the knowledge of users through some iOS applications. Apparently, this vulnerability can be exploited URI schemes (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​to make calls to different phone numbers. In most cases, the numbers of

How to program the music on an iOS device off

Cum putem programa oprirea muzicii pe un dispozitiv iOS

Many iOS users tend to listen to music on devices supplied before falling asleep. Because of this, those who forget the player open all night, are likely in the morning to wake iOS device battery discharged. If your has happened so often, the simplest solution

How can we share contacts ui quickly between Android and iOS

Cum putem share-ui rapid contacte intre Android si iOS

Nowadays it is very easy to do backup contacts saved on mobile devices by synchronizing with Google's address book or iCloud. Thus, whenever you change your smartphone supplied with one later (or move from one mobile platform to another) or back to the factory settings

How can we enable emoticons (Emoji) for the iPhone

Cum putem activa emoticoanele (Emoji) pentru dispozitivele iPhone

In recent years, emoticons have become an integral part of written expression of users, be it text messages or calls carried on various IM and social networking applications. For this reason, emoticons are available (in various forms) and mobile platforms used in smartphones and tablets, but some of