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Rovio game Angry Birds announced Stella

Rovio a anuntat lansarea jocului Angry Birds Stella

Just two months after launching GO Angry Birds, Rovio announced the next game in the franchise name - Angry Birds Stella. The company also provided some brief information about the main character of the game, although it is not known exactly what type of game will it be (it appears that will be completely

Nokia will launch an Android smartphone by the end of February

Nokia va lansa un smartphone Android pana la sfarsitul lunii februarie

The much-anticipated Nokia X device will run the Android operating system will be launched during the Mobile World Congress will be held in late February in Barcelona. Known until now under the name Normandy smartphone will include popular store among applications and the Google Play Store, but will offer

Customize sound for notification in Android MegaSound

Customizeaza sunetele pentru notificatii in Android cu MegaSound

Some applications installed on the Android device have their own sound for notification (for example, messages received on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp or Email notifications for), but most use the default sound system, making it quite difficult for users to differentiate Notifications between them (for example, the same sound of the message is used

Were confirmed specs for the LG G Pro smartphone 2

Au fost confirmate specificatiile pentru smartphone-ul LG G Pro 2

Although initially announced as the smartphone LG G Pro 2 will be launched at Mobile World Congress (MWC) to be held later this month, it seems that the people at LG have decided to rush a little release date, which is scheduled over a few days, 13 February. The company also has

Hide online status with WhatsApp WhatsApp Ghost

Ascunde statusul online pe WhatsApp cu WhatsApp Ghost

Each time the application WhatsApp is open, it automatically updates the user's status, and also displays when it was last seen (last seen) online. Depending on these stautusuri contacts list WhatsApp can determine whether the user has recently used application or if the read messages from them.

How can I password protect individual applications in Android

Cum putem proteja cu parola aplicatii individuale in Android

Most smartphone users tend to protect their passwords to block devices from accessing the data held on them. But applications and personal data (messages, photos, emails, banking information) can still be accessed by others when the phones are unlocked. For Android users who want to protect their privacy solution is called

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be launched in March in two versions: one with metal housing and another with the usual plastic casing

Samsung Galaxy S5 va fi lansat in martie in doua variante:una cu carcasa metalica si o alta cu obisnuita carcasa din plastic

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released in March this year in London, after completing Mobile World Congress. Also, it seems that the much awaited smartphone will be available in two versions, one that will have the usual plastic casing that Samsung does too far, and a metal frame. In