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Raiden Fighter 2013 HD - Android Space Shooter

Raiden Fighter 2013 HD - Shooter Spatial Android

If you love games like space shooters, surely this new game Raiden Fighter 2013 HD for Android will be one of your favorites so you will be led most advanced Fighter Planetary Angry Bee all three-dimensional battles against fleets extratetrestre resulting battles land, sea and air! Highlights: Images

Instant Heart Rate - Android Application Fitness

Instant Heart Rate - Aplicatie Fitness Android

One of the best applications for Health & Fitness, Instant Heart Rate is the most accurate tool for monitoring the heartbeat rate for any smartphone and it does not need any external hardware. Use it for optimizing your exercise and to track your progress. Install it now to keep the

The Croods - Android Puzzle Game

The Croods - Joc Puzzle Android

From the creators of the popular game Angry Birds and creative minds at DreamWorks Animation will present a free game based on the upcoming animated phenomenon called The Croods! In this game you have the opportunity to meet the world's first modern family: The Croods! These cavemen Stone Age out of line by using a

Motorola is rumored X is not just a phone but a new range of smartphones

Se zvoneste ca Motorola X nu e doar un telefon ci o noua gama de smartphone-uri

About Motorola smartphone mysterious X appeared a number of rumors. But what are the latest rumors about it? Well, it is possible that the code name for one is not smart, but rather a range of several smartphones. It is also rumored that Google is considering looking for another



Have you ever visited wandered Land of Giants? The Giant Realms can do more than visit - you can take, train, grow, and play with your own amazing Giant on your phone or tablet! The Giant Realms, build and decorate Island Vilages to be home to giants epic and magical. Play mini-games

No Zombies Allowed - ANDROID GAME ACTION

No Zombies Allowed - JOC ACTIUNE ANDROID

Hordes of zombies are looking for and destroy the survivors. Now up to you to save your town. Start by recruiting survivors and rebuild your town. And remember ... NO ZOMBIES ALLOWED! Main features: Build a beautiful city full of fun and quirky homes and businesses Defend yourself from zombies at the gate and

Tales from the Dragon Mountain - HIDDEN OBJECTS GAME

Tales from the Dragon Mountain - JOC HIDDEN OBJECTS

Me about her grandmother Kate dreams became unbearable nightmares. Haunted by a dream of her grandmother's house on fire, Mina makes a trip to her family estate Pozoj. And so began what turned out be the biggest adventure of her life! Join Mina, searching Pozoj, solving dozens

Grand ZTE Memo - A giant display of 5,7 inches

ZTE Grand Memo - Un gigant cu un display de 5,7 inchi

Grand ZTE Memo is the latest in a growing range of super-sized smartphones, which frankly has a huge screen. The main attraction of Grand Memo is high or 5,7 inch screen that has a resolution of 1280 x 720 HD. Grand Memo is one of the titans that fight against other