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Hyundai T7S one quad-core tablet with 2GB RAM only $ 186

Hyundai T7S o tableta quad-core, cu 2GB RAM la doar 186 $

Hyundai T7 came on the market just two months ago with a simple goal: to launch a powerful quad-core tablet amazingly low price. Now the company is looking to take things to another level with a new improved version of the tablet, called Hyundai T7S. But it's new updated version

Spirit Walkers - Android Puzzle Game

Spirit Walkers - Joc Puzzle Android

Inspired by the legend of fatome attacking a hiker in the woods, Maylynn and a group of friends decide to go on a trip entertainment, to investigate this case. But soon, things take a turn pretty bad when one of your friends is seriously hurt. To survive, they must travel between

Sea Stars - Android Game for Kids

Sea Stars - Joc pentru Copii Android

Sea Stars is a cute and fun game for Android that will be enjoyed by children and adults. Thus, controlling one of your characters by tapping to guide Sea Stars through a sea full of coins and underwater dangers. Dive into the deep speed and jump to catch the water

Oppo Find 5 Chinese Quad Core smartphone, thin and powerful

Oppo Find 5 un smartphone Quad Core chinezesc, subtire si performant

Behold the sea near famous producers in mobile telephony have emerged that produce less publicized due to momentum of development, have access to the latest technology at affordable prices. Thus due to embedded technology, Oppo Find 5 not an entry level smartphone but can compete with established models present on

Super Stickman Golf 2 - Casual Android Game

Super Stickman Golf 2 - Joc Casual Android

Super Stickman Golf 2 the original version does everything in almost every way. With over land 20 dynamic, new powerup sites, customizable characters, 53 achievements, online multiplayer, Super Stickman Golf 2 will keep you busy for a long time! Highlights: Turn Based Multiplayer Achievements 180 53 challenging holes 28 Hats

List of Samsung devices that will support Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

Lista dispozitivelor Samsung ce vor suporta Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

At the moment it is 4.2.2 Android Jelly Bean Android version. When a new version of Android is released we have to wait and see what phones can run touse the new operating system. This happened with Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and now the people at Samsung have entered

Mind Games - Puzzle Android Game

Mind Games - Joc Puzzle Android

Mind Games is a new game to relax and year same time, to put you mind to it. A game for those who like to solve puzzles and riddles. For those who want and strives to develop logic and mathematics. The game is actually a collection of the most

FLASHOUT 3D - Android Game Space Race

FLASHOUT 3D - Joc Curse Spatiale Android

FLASHOUT 3D is the best racing experience for your mobile device! Get on in one of your ships ultra fast and join the competition! Use rockets and weapons to fight your way to victory all the events and become the best pilot in the galaxy! With jaw-dropping graphics, amazing visual effects and action racing