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290 A3 LG phone with SIM cards that will be released in February

After the Chinese invaded the market with a range of options known producers copies but allowing the operation to 2, 3 or 4 cards, and other functions integrated TV tunner strange Korean manufacturer promises will launch first in Russia and then in the rest European market a simple phone that lets you connect to the network SIM 3. It is not known if all 3 cards will work in stand-by or one will work after the principle Dual Switch. This model will be successful Eastern European market where due to the structure for several minutes with their networks and communication packages affordable prices.

1,3MP modest room, memory and connectivity 19MB bluetooth are the only features that can be highlighted in this model, which provides the only multimedia communication and less. Energy demand is provided 1500mAh battery that promises a decent range considering that you have to feed 3 GSM modules.


In conclusion LG A290 is a entry-level phone that will save you space the 3 GSM you use often and you will be able to use in one simple and inexpensive device.


  1. j'aime pour lg a290.je Viens d'acheter moi.je step we s'ais comment connecter et sur facebook yahoo. Aide moi svp ...

  2. je veux des applications pour meilleutes kp502

  3. a Soucis avec moi j'ai mon LG A290 1 après mois à quelque 2 sans raison d'UTILISATION valable Plant et cela s'est it to PLUSIEURS reprise. devenu east aussi il inutilisable

  4. Mon A290 et apres 2mois utiisation Plant Cell are aussi et tous les mon collegue 2 Sontea devenu inutilisables.Ke faire?

  5. LG A290 a telephone j'ai depuis Octobre à installer n'arrive 2012 mais je les jeux que je telecharge. satisfait que faire pour etre?

  6. The Connecting votre téléphone en charge les Java applications. Dedi Trouvé à Télécharger des jeux java sur votre téléphone, 176 x 220 pixels resolution.

  7. that q east marche bien avec les application as the mobile

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