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Google Project Tango smartphone uses to make a map of the world 3D


Google launched "Project Tango", an experimental smartphone and a development kit that incorporates sensors 3D able to scan the environment. It is designed as a 5 inch phone that contains hardware and software separate antenna GPS Compass allowing the location of the smartphone that you own. Of course, there are models that can take pictures 3D. The first prototype of Project Tango makes more than a quarter of a million measurements every second 3D, finding three-dimensional movement that creates a visual map 3D space around him.


Project Tango is actually an intersection between several technologies, including photo technologies, sensor technologies, and advanced rendering inertial measurements. All these form a dataset that records environmental changes around the smartphone and 3D form a map in real time. Usefulness of the map could go to helping people with disabilities to applications in architecture, interior design and related industries.

The company has imagined Tango project as the first step into the world of gaming that combines real-world locations.


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