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Download & Install Nokia Ovi Suite Beta 3.1.1 (NEW!)


recently released Beta service oo Ovi Suite. The new version, Nokia Ovi Suite is designed to ease 3.1.1 Beta users work when it comes to download si installed applications, maps si Music.

The most important feature of the new version is the "download & Install", Present in Ovi Home applications.

Download & Install Nokia Apps

With the new version just select the application, game (nokia games) Or theme () That we are interested in and click on the "download & Install"To install it on Our CPC.

One major improvement was made system management of installation of maps (Nokia Ovi Maps). We can instantly view maps that are installed on mobile, so their management is no longer a problem. Finder map navigation They are interested and their installation were much improved, so did not have to waste time when we have to find and install a map on your mobile phone.

Download Nokia Ovi Maps

download Install Nokia Ovi Suite 3.1.1% Beta - via nokia labs.

The application is compatible on all operating systems Windows system with a minimum of 1 1GB GHz CPU and RAM.

Compatible Mobile Phones:

Nokia 2323 classic

Nokia 2330 classic

Nokia 2600 classic

Nokia 2630

Nokia 2660

Nokia 2680 slide

Nokia 2690

Nokia 2700 classic

Nokia Navigation Edition 2710

Nokia 2720 fold

Nokia 2730 classic

Nokia 2760

Nokia 2690

Nokia 3109 classic

Nokia 3110 classic

3110 Nokia Evolve

Nokia 3120 classic

Nokia 3208c

Nokia 3250

Nokia 3500 classic

Nokia 3555

Nokia 3600 slide

Nokia 3610 fold

Nokia 3710 fold

Nokia 3720 classic

Nokia 5000

Nokia XpressMusic 5130

Nokia 5200

Nokia XpressMusic 5220

Nokia 5228

Nokia 5230

Nokia Nuron 5230

Nokia 5232

Nokia 5233

5235 Nokia Comes with Music

Nokia 5250

Nokia XpressMusic 5310

Nokia XpressMusic 5320

Nokia Mobile TV 5330

Nokia 5500 Sport

Nokia XpressMusic 5530

Nokia XpressMusic 5610

Nokia XpressMusic 5630

Nokia XpressMusic 5700

Nokia XpressMusic 5730

Nokia 5800

Nokia XpressMusic 5800

Nokia XpressMusic 5800

Nokia XpressMusic 5802

Nokia 6086

Nokia Navigator 6110

Nokia 6120 classic

Nokia 6121 classic

Nokia 6122c

Nokia 6124 classic

Nokia 6208c

Nokia Navigator 6210

Nokia 6210 slide

Nokia 6212 classic

Nokia 6216 classic

Nokia 6220 classic

Nokia 6260 slide

Nokia 6263

Nokia 6267

Nokia 6290

Nokia 6300

Nokia 6300

Nokia 6301

Nokia 6303 classic

Nokia 6303 classic

Nokia 6500 classic

Nokia 6500 slide

Nokia 6555

Nokia 6600 fold

Nokia 6600 slide

Nokia 6600 slide

Nokia 6650 fold

Nokia 6700 classic

Nokia 6700 slide

Nokia Navigator 6710

Nokia 6720 classic

Nokia 6730 classic

Nokia 6750

Nokia 6760 slide

Nokia 6788

Nokia 6788

Nokia 6790 slide

6790 Nokia Surge

Nokia 7020

7100 Nokia Supernova

7210 Nokia Supernova

Nokia 7230

7310 Nokia Supernova

Nokia Prism 7500

7510 Nokia Supernova

Nokia 7610

7610 Nokia Supernova

Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism

Nokia Prism 7900

Nokia 8800 Arts

8800 Nokia Carbon Arte

Nokia Gold Arte 8800

8800 Nokia Sapphire Arte

Nokia 8800

Nokia C1-01

Nokia C1-02

Nokia C2-01

Nokia C3-00

Nokia C3-01

Nokia C5-00

Nokia C5-01

Nokia C5-03

Nokia C6-00

Nokia C6-01

Nokia C7-00

Nokia E5-00

Nokia E7-00

Nokia E50

Nokia E51

Nokia E52

Nokia E55

Nokia E60

Nokia E61

Nokia E61i

Nokia E62

Nokia E63

Nokia E65

Nokia E66

Nokia E70

Nokia E71

Nokia E71x

Nokia E72

Nokia E73

Nokia E75

E90 Nokia Communicator

Nokia N71

Nokia N73

Nokia N75

Nokia N76

Nokia N77

Nokia N78

Nokia N79

Nokia N8-00

Nokia N80

Nokia N81

Nokia N81 8GB

Nokia N82

Nokia N85

Nokia N86 8MP

Nokia N90

Nokia N91

Nokia N92

Nokia N93

Nokia N93i

Nokia N95

Nokia N95 8GB

Nokia N96

Nokia N97

Nokia Mini N97

Nokia N900

Nokia X1-00

Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-01

Nokia X3-00

Nokia X3-02

Nokia X5-00

Nokia X5-01

Nokia X6-00

Nokia X6-00, 8GB

Nokia X6 16GB

Nokia Ovi Suite Beta 3.1.1 .


  1. for installation on my nokia phone E63 .Thank you ..

  2. Super et merci de tes Ofort

  3. Rien a afiché

  4. Salut, je cherche a telecharger sur mon portable nokia ovi suite n95 what 8gb East Possible?

  5. je vous me up aidis of telecharger pc

  6. es que c'est d'avoir nokia ovi

  7. No puedo

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