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Download iGO Primo - iGO GPS Navigation (HTC HD Mini & Windows Mobile)


addicts GPS Compass si Software de navigation mobileHad certainly tangent iGO 8Which is considered one of the best Navigation software for the device's GPS and mobile phones.

In 2010, the Hungarian company Nav N Go iGO, has launched iGO Primo partners OEM (Preinstalled). iGO primo is designed with the same structure iGO 8Only that it comes with GUI well planned which makes navigation very simple and the latest technology.
iGO Primo It is a software "echo"Function that uses Green Routing. This function monitors CO2 emissionsConsumption fuels si price their ideal setting while routes as clean.

iGO Primo (1)

For owners , softwareCPC must suffer some modifications to be compatible display HVGA × 320 480.

IGO Primo and if you want to make compatible HD Mini, then you need to download the following files and replace them with the software folder.

download iGO Primo branding.zip

download iGO Primo DATA.zip

These two files should not be unzipped .zip.

IGO Primo installation on HTC HD Mini (or other devices )

1. Download software iGO Primo and iGO Primo copy the folder Storage Card.
2. IGO Primo copy folder or you replace the original files with the above (if you have it HTC HD Mini or a device with the same resolution)
3. Sys.txt edit the file to your device settings, especially settings GPS port and baud. In my case, in sys.txt have these lines:

[Gps] port = 6
baud = 57600

If the application is not well seen on the display of your phone then set the optimum resolution of sys.txt.

Example sys.txt settings (go on HTC Mini HD)

[Config] resolution_dir = "480_320"

[Interface] show_exit = 1
extra_settings = 1
show_minimize = 1
show_tutorial = 1
resolution_dir = "480_320"
vga = 0

[Rawdisplay] class = "landscape"
highres = 0
screen_x = 480
screen_y = 320
stretch = 1

[Folders] has_secondary_root = 0

For questions, download links iGO Primo and other details about the phones Windows Mobile, do not hesitate to contact us.

iGO Primo Europe Map.

From our tests we found that iGO Primo runs very well on a device that is installed and .

Installing iGO on 8 HTC HD Mini (Download) - iGO8.v8.3.4 -
Installation on iGO8 .


  1. I would like to install iGO primo a Prestigio GPS with Windows CE 4150 5.0
    If I can help you please contactatima by mail!

  2. Hello,

    2 for omnia? You can install? links, settings ...? thank you

  3. iGO primo it open on htc trophy lam copied to storage and not find him? Thank you martin

  4. Hello.
    IGO go on nokia 5230? Thank you.

  5. it doesnt work on my Ciphone Q4, but the same resolution ITS :(

  6. I help myself and someone files for igo (2577 and igo) to install on a HTC Mozart
    I have not found a link where to install them

  7. hello .. How do I install the software on a Samsung Omnia 2? . What changes should I do? Thank you in advance "

  8. Jak zainstalowa? igo no Samsung Omnia

  9. March hello inquire where I could get igo primo for samsung galaxy s1 or s2

  10. someone managed to install iGO HTC TROPHY?

  11. But I do not know if there iGO version of Windows Phone 7.

  12. Navigation is compatible with what other WP7?
    thank you!

  13. can be installed on samsung omnia 2 ??

  14. Please nice if you somehow and navigation software for HTC Desire Z
    thank you
    mircea buciumeanu

  15. Hallo wo ich muss die Einstellung gps GPS]
    port = 6
    baud = 57600 vornehmen? steht nur in die Auflösung SxS. Wo ich noch eine fdinde SxS date?
    Best regards

  16. brothers bathrooms on the HD mini c go igo igo primo or 8 v3,4 or both ?????????????

  17. I went to perfect both.

  18. AMT see that you are the coolest here, please leave a mail or messenger ID please pt he wants to rez the HD mini my ii bag igo for not apples delok and show me where to take it .... torrent or good ... pretty please .te if I can help with anything ... thanks boss for dupa./... vb ule and we already have some and not go ... ms

  19. IGO primo como decirme Puedes descarado of my Samsung Galaxy S GT version 9000 en español?

  20. hello can be installed on Samsung galaxies x?

  21. Igo Primo fonctionne t'il avec le Nokia 5800 XM?

  22. For those trying to install on Asus 636 696 or if you have trouble detecting GPS, add file sys.txt uratoarele 3 lines:
    port = "5"
    baud = "4800"

  23. I want to install igo on tf fit so I can use GPS please help me what steps must follow

  24. I tried to adapt iGO Primo HTC HD mini but to no avail. We found that not open the application because the software is not for resolution 480-320. There have solutions!

  25. Search IGO8, unzip the archive Data.zip. There you can find resolutions play software. Sys.txt change with Notepad and write [interface]
    skin = "ui_igo8"
    resolution_dir = "480_320"
    screen_x = 480
    screen_y = 320
    After that open the Save folder and delete the content.
    Good luck and good riddance.

  26. But on this stupid NokiaLumia710 goes? This stupid phone is not equipped with external card does not have an internal memory file ,, ,, is the worst phone that had l_am! Nokia has a drive, but no route configuration options, it's easy badly, so I want to install Igo but we found no information to help me. Can you help me? Thank you in advance !

  27. igo je peux gps..je voudrai s'avoir and gps igo et le télécharger quelle.pour a smartphone avec chez déjà windons incorporer of the marque orange SPV me donner une restarted M650.merci of us pour sur tout a l'aire step tous vous mon dance mobile.merci of lisez et qui me Voulez vous m'aider.Roger remerci tous.j'ai 66 ans alors ??

  28. quer me saver and tablet android es compatible con 3.1 igo primo pero no puedo olivetti recien compradore instalarla Põdrala Parish andar mal desde ya gracias Maquina

  29. I myself an HTC 8S and can not access the Windows 8 card ... you can advise me how to install (if it works) IGO him?
    Again, I can see music videos and documents accessing shortcuts on ecran..nu can enter the card as Windows Mobile or 5.xx 6.xx
    Thank you.
    PS 8 windows Sax! will not buy.

  30. how can install igo primo Prestigio GPS GeoVision a 5057? methional the software that came with it Navitel but it is quite cumbersome. I would like to put igo but do not know what steps to follow.

  31. I'm asking for MIO 330 from the map map oryginalnych przeinstalowano syst operacijny on Windows as i zainštaloval iGO. Proszę? powiedzie ?, czy mo? na w / w maps zainstalowa? on my nawigacji. Is it so, that? map? and how do you get it ?.

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